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a smidge about me


Who am I?

I am Karen & the owner & creator of this little blog.

This idea all stemmed from a desire to write, to be the person I was meant to be & the need to have a outlet for my mental health.

This is my therapy!

There came a point as my children aged that I realized that I placed my dreams & drive on hold to raise them. I do not regret those decisions but I do know now that it helped in creating a struggle with my mental health. There are & were many other factors indeed. I, like many other people hit their mid life & was unsure in the direction that I was supposed to take. With this I am finally trying to heal, to write about it & to acknowledge the struggles of finding the correct route.

Mental health is vital to our growth & I may not suffer from depression constantly or often, but I do know that I have had serious bouts of it. It was through help that I realized that I have to find my own resolve, my own solutions & make myself a new happiness.

Just Another Manic Funday was created to empower all people who have struggled. My life is a motivation for others to know that we all have a story, but it is the journey that is yours alone.

I am just a Canadian gal in search of smiles & any type of adventures.

I love to laugh, name things that shouldn't have names, & I am bold to the extreme. Tattoo's, piercings & a bunch of personality is only a few ways to describe me.

But there is more than what you see. 

I have 3 children who are pretty much all grown up, & a husband of almost 20 years. I also am adopted & have struggled with rejection from many facets of my life in regards to this. Little did I know that all of this would shape the parent & spouse I would become.

It is those type of things that makes you your own person & I have to remember that as well.

I am a eternal optimist though & this means I always believe in hope. Even when it is grey in my world, I have faith that there will be another day of color.

I am excited to share with you all the types of things I want to blog about & things that I love.

Some of my deep routed passions are that I am football crazy, a non stop reader, cross stitcher galore, smashing volleyball player, & that I have amazing eyebrows.

These are just a few of the eccentric me.

On top of all that I have always had this feeling that I was supposed to be something special & this is my way to search for it & for me to watch each & everyone of you to gather the strength do what you love too.

I have tried to always create a world of smiles for our little family.

Essentially we are those people that everyone wants to know but don't want to admit it. I am not kidding we really are.

 My whimsical side plays into this as my tribe of people will tell you that it is contagious. They may not want to dancing in stores or to have themed family pictures or even to sing karaoke with me but they let me do it & support my odd. This is a huge part of who I am & likely one of the biggest. I just do not worry about what another person is thinking about me as I dance & sing anywhere I want too.

And let's get real; nor should you!

Read my blog, empower yourself, create your person & know you can be who you want to be!

Cause you know what?

I am!

Enjoy having Just Another Manic Funday


Loves, Karen

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