'Simplicity is taking out the Complications.' ~Liz Panchuk

You know how happiness is contagious? They smile, you smile. They live an honest life, you want a truthful life. They push themselves to be raw and motivating, you want to be that too.

When you are looking for your own enjoyment in life and you see other people find theirs it is only a matter of time before it becomes a drive for you to go look for too.

I have done some major self reflection in the last couple of years and as I started this journey with Just Another Manic Funday, the 1st person I thought of writing about was Liz. Her journey to find her path is nothing short of inspiring.

A couple of years ago Instagram kept showing me this amazing lady who was spending her days dedicated to fueling her body with her workouts and active life choices.There she was in her sports bra, and shorts, with laundry piled up behind her on the couch and she was moving around with bands, mats, weights. She had a great little smile to accommodate the funny parts of posting workouts for the world to see. There was even a rawness in her emotions, and her struggles in and through the journey were so very straightforward. Who wouldn't appreciate this in someone? I clicked follow and the next two years have been nothing short of exciting.

Two young sons and a wonderful man are the strength and motivation in how Liz has come from the little introverted girl from Winnipeg to be this huge influence in the community with Beachbody Coaching and creating herself a world of sustainability.

Liz faced all the typical mother - women demands of life. When her oldest son Jordan was born, she headed back to school and then straight into the workforce. There was little to no time for self health and or worrying about what was going into her body. To the daycare, to work, to the daycare to home and then she does it all over again as a eat, live, repeat, kind of life. The life loop of self destruction. To many 'Just Another Days'.

Trying to figure out how to overcome the post baby body image and working out at a gym were not really an option. And on top of that trying to juggle work, daycare, Jordan’s father, and the demands of everyday life.There was no time in the loop of the day to day for all this to happen.

For those of us that have had children, we all remember what our body was before and what it was after. We recall the struggles and expectations of being the best parent you can be. But let's be realistic, once you have the baby, the challenge of going to the gym and being a super parent is not always there. We are expected to be these amazing people but to find a balance and never mind body health on top of it all is way harder than anyone anticipated.

So you try to find some way it will work.

Go find the drive to be your best self, that is what we all should do and Liz has.

She remembers struggling through part of her youth and teens with body issues that created an eating disorder and on top of that she began to realize that she also had anxiety. She was always worried about failing everyone, and that fueled her life in both the past and the present. Being what she calls herself as a 'severe introvert' also made it increasingly hard to handle all of the frustrations of life that were handed to her as she felt she had little to no community that supported her beyond her immediate family.

Add her youngest son Logan, her new husband Ryan in the mix (who also faced his own challenges with addictions), along with her oldest son Jordan who had now been diagnosed with ADHD she needed to find a place that created balance. Finding the change, the factor, that element, these are the hardest part of building a better you. Her list started; wanting to be at home with her sons, something that would generate income, being able to create a physical and mental balance.

Doctors had always told Liz that exercise was something that would help with the anxiety. She knew this, but it is all a mindset. Taking the step to focus on you is sometimes the hardest part. But her turning point was an old school VHS tape that was leant to her. It took one person that noticed she was struggling to change everything for Liz. It was INSANITY by Beachbody.

It all evolved from there. She began to do the online classes and then was invited into a coaching group who met online every week. This now induced her to be in a better place for her physical and mental health, meanwhile providing her a community of like minded individuals that were looking to achieve the same as Liz. Having the Beachbody world come to her door changed everything.

Although Liz is very modest, she must be doing something impressionable and inspiring as her Instagram followers are over 5000. She truly has the magic in being real and inviting people into her world. Not once did she think that she would impact the lives of others as she has. 'I didn't want to cheat people, and a lot of the world is chasing people. I wanted to share the truth.' It is like the saying “When you stop chasing the wrong things, you give the right things a chance to catch you”. Stop chasing the unattainable and find the piece you can catch. Obviously her truth is working. All she has ever shared with her followers is her authentic self.

There is very little she won't share about on her Facebook or Instagram. Mostly everything is on the table. She shares struggles with the in-laws, friends, the ex, children and marriage, anxiety, rewards and her own esteem issues. She also acknowledges that her persona on screen is very different than in person. While on Facetime for this ‘interview’ I was amazed at how she is thoughtful and pensive, but her social media personality is feisty and undeniably honest with an outgoing type of confidence. However, I did take her out of her comfort zone in wanting to write this piece and that might have been why she was a little more thoughtful, but a few mins of just chatting, her contagious smile was there. And after we finished, the spunky gal was on her Instagram stories sharing her experience about our time together. As a whole she showed her versatility just on that day alone.

With the opportunity of coaching, it gave Liz the ability to live more of a stress free life. Gifting her the chance to stay at home with her boys and to help draw in income to allow her to give up the office job. But most of all it has given her the chance and purpose to help aid her mental health and that of others.

Even though there is a success she still is modest and humble. She still doesn’t think she has made a huge impact on people and their lives. 'Sometimes I don't see the contact and the success, but I am always hoping I am helping people.' Maybe the reward isn't as transparent as would be expected but it is there. Trips, group workouts, her coaching team, and well making everyday people feel worthy. Also using her own descriptor; ‘Freedom’.

In regards to this marvelous lady, what I want to get across is that no matter how bad the storm is, there is always a way to land. I don't personally do the Beachbody program anymore, but I do watch her daily and find some motivation all while rallying around my friend who inspires me.

Through her journey Liz has overcome some obstacles and has moved in a direction that created freedom of her own. Although everyday is still a new adventure, finding her peace has gifted her family contentment.

To end on Liz’s note: ‘I never thought I would share my life and now I can dream bigger and be more than I ever thought.’

Thank you Liz for sharing your happiness with us.

Thank you for being you.

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