Why is the sky blue?

Why do we have a red car?

Why do we go camping?

Why does a tree grow?

Do you have children that ask the same questions? My oldest son was the worst & now thank goodness I can answer with Google it.

But in fairness knowledge is power. Who doesn't want to know more about the world that surrounds them. Not that I always contained this wisdom when I answered them when my offspring was little.

However, as I have aged, it has been a different type of why for me.

Why does this happen to me?

Why is life unfair?

Why do people act like that?

I have in my years learned a few things that have solved some of my questions of why.

Why do things happen to me? It is because I made a choice. Consequence of that choice, may it be good or bad.

Why is life unfair? Cause we all need experience to become the person we are supposed to be. I have dwelled on this one often. I think part of this for me is due to the fact I wasn't doing what I was meant to do & that was write.

And well for why do people act like that? I am not 100% sure on this one, but I do know it is due to the influences of our world around us. This particular question of why got me wondering about how we as people are taught, learn & process our own beliefs. This is in part of why we choose, act & do certain things.

Here is my thought on this.....

I am not sure about you, but with all this pandemic stuff on right now I have began to think in a different light about the TV news stations & yet that is our only guaranteed, reliable source of information. But the influence that creates & feeds into the why do people act that way. Try watching the news & not think that about one of the stories where you do not ask WHY!

One example of my question & answer to why people act a certain way....

I was talking to my aunt on the phone & she mentioned that the people in Quebec were all loud & proud & that Quebecers feel entitled over the rest of Canada. But here is the thing... are we not all entitled? Do we not feel like we are just as exempt as any other province or territory in our great nation?

My aunt's reply to me was the 'equalization payments' that the other provinces receive from us in the west. I agree with her on the front of that we do pay a lot into the pot for other provinces. But realistically they feel they deserve the money & we feel the same way. I am not trying to say that this is the right or wrong way to do this, I am saying that we feel the same as Quebec or any other province when it comes to entitlement.

In all reality though friends....this is all fed by the generation before us & the news channels we watch today. My Aunt has an influence over me just as the local news & both create a world of resentment & animosity towards other Canadians.

Again I ask why?

Why do we let the media on all platforms & opinions of the generations before us dictate how we view other people of our country?

Continuing on I was speaking to a friend from the Montreal area & we were chatting about the misconceptions of Alberta & Quebec. One of her comments was 'do you recycle?'. I understood the question but was confused at the reason for asking. I answered with 'Yes we use our blue bin for recycling & our Green bin for compost.' I even went on to explain that we do bottles to the bottle depot & electronics to the e-drop & that even before bins were available I recycled. The kids can even attest to that.

My question to her was why would she ask that? Her reply was because we are a 'Oil' province that none of us recycle or use electric cars. Oil is what keeps this province alive, but we as citizens of Alberta certainly do still care about the environment & climate change. This is a complete misrepresentation of us here in the West.

Her perspective influenced by others in Quebec is that we as Albertans are not aware of what Oil & Gas does to our planet.

But this works both ways.

I have for many years of my life been that person that truly believed that the East was just so very happy to take from us to live 'their' way of life. But it is their way & we have ours so WHY do we keep hating on them? They have a unique society & we also do. Why do we keep thinking they are better than us?

I need to say here that this is not a political form (post). Please note that this is all my personal perception & those of you to whom you disagree that is okay too.

I just want to ask Why we accuse people of being entitled or proud when we are exactly the same. Everyone has a reason they act a certain way! Everyone!!!

I go to the States & I am the all in your face proud Canadian. Bragging about 'free' health care & how we do not have to carry guns around everyday. But honestly, I am no different than the Americans. I am proud as they are; I am just from the land of the freezing. When the Olympics happen are we not as bad as the perception of our neighbors to the south? You bet I am! It isn't 'Canadian' to go somewhere in the States & act like them. All loud & proud, but in reality we are like them. Loud & Proud....with a Sorry to follow. All perception from both sides of the border. They think we are nice & polite & we think they are boisterous & a melting pot. But you act that way because.... you're right you have been inveigled that way.

Why is it that the local news stations last August were talking to every parent that was worried about sending their children back to school. They did not (if very few) talk to parents that were okay with it.

It isn't news if parents are not upset about sending the kids back. Where is the drama if a parent says,"Yeah, it is fine." Nope no drama there. They have no either influenced you in an eye roll or a nod of your head in agreement.

The division in our Canada is because we have allowed others to influence how we perceive a group of people. Yes there is French on my cereal box, but doesn't that make me a tad more special because we are a country where 2 official languages are spoken.

I know that living in Calgary I have acted like I am better than Edmonton as I don't get winter for a whole 9 months of the year. But I do get winter, I do get the cold & I am no better than anyone from that city.

I am Albertan which has made me feel like I am better than Quebecers; as a province we give them money to spend on their free childcare. However, that is their choice as a society & there is nothing but benefits for providing this service to anyone.

I am Canadian & I am therefore more proud than an American? But we all know that most Americans are no different than us. Our way of life we believe is better than theirs & vice versa.

I have yet to meet anyone from any place in this country, city, neighborhood that is any different from anywhere. We all have the same type of people who love, are generous, caring, mean, or angry. These people are everywhere & I have altered my thinking to accommodate this.

I am a gal living the best life I can & willing to learn from my mistakes & make the changes to realize that I am no better than any other person from anywhere in the world.


Why do we act a certain way?

I will no longer hate on any type of person.

I will no longer be discriminatory towards another province (with the exception of football).

I will no longer think I am better than someone.

I am asking you my readers to consider the above & acknowledge that the entitlement is in us all.

Love you.

Love your country.

Love everyone.





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