Do you realize that YOU have all the power in this relationship?

It is all in your hands!

This is really all YOU.

I needed to do this for my mental sanity.

I needed to do this because it is in my blood.

However, if I don't have YOU, then I am only doing this for no one.

I have mentioned in another blog about Click, Like, Follow & Share & to be really honest, that phrase is so very, very important.

I can't be a success without any of those actions.

But most of all I need YOU.

YOU are the readers, YOU are the content, YOU are the people with my dreams in your hands.

I would love to write for anyone & or anything.

I would love to contribute to society in a written word.

I would love to live this as it is my love, happiness & passion.

How does this make YOU feel?

Knowing that YOU can make someone's dreams come true.

For so many years I was afraid to even let people see this part of me.

I hid it, I didn't share it.

But why am I hiding it, if I know in my bones this is what I should be doing with my life.

So I decided to give this gift to all of YOU.

Our daughter always wanted to be a Musician.

She told us so at 12.

She is the closest I have had to having someone's dreams in my hands.

We as parents did everything humanly possible to make sure she has gotten that chance.

That she was able to have her dream.

She is almost there.

This was a huge part of me, helping to see her dreams come true.

As this is all YOU, to help me achieve mine.

When any author writes a book.

It is up to YOU to read it.

When a reporter writes an article.

It is up to YOU to read it.

When a blogger writes a blog.

It is up to YOU to read it.

What I am saying is that YOU read, every day & all I desire is for YOU to read this too.

Maybe share on your own social media page.

Maybe tell someone about it.

Maybe like it.

Maybe even tell me what YOU think.

I don't even know if I am any good at this whole thing.

But what I do know, is that I will get better with more interaction from YOU.

I can fulfill my dreams with YOU supporting me.

We never pause our lives to live out our dreams.

Why? Why do we do that?

Scared? Insecure?

Really though, is it because we have talked ourselves out of it.

'I can't do that because I know it just isn't something I should do'....

-at my age?

-not realistic?

-people will laugh at me?

-I am not worthy?

None of these should stop you.

These are reasons that should dare YOU to achieve your dreams.

These should build your inner strength.

I did allow these excuses to hold me down for many many years.

But I have tried to overcome all of this.

They are still there often & I have to remember that these are just the negative playing in my head.

The dreams I have wouldn't go away.

They have torn me in two.

It was only after that I realized the dream is part of me.

So I had to go after it.

This gave me the courage to share my thoughts, my life, & me with YOU.

The dream can not be without YOU.

You are the dream.

What are your dreams?

How can I help you?

Let's build something where we can all be super honest with each other & use this as a chance to succeed in our dreams.

You & Me = Dreams.





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