A Child Like Adult

Did we forget somewhere to have fun?

When did we become an adult?

Can we smile?

Did we forget how to live carefree?

When we were young life was far simpler.

What were your worries back then?

Do you even remember?

What was for lunch?

Who is my favorite stuffy?

Does this friend like me?

Who am I playing with at school?

But as we grow, obviously so do our worries and concerns.

So therefore our lives become more complicated & our approach to life becomes larger.

Although these adult decisions and choices we have to make become more substantial & life defining why is it we have to lose all childlike views?

Why can't I just start to dance in the store?

Or sing at the top of our lungs wherever we are?

Let's just do it!!

Have you ever noticed that there is at least one parent far more childlike than the other in your household.

I hate to say it (but I am going too), this is my husband. He has a view that everything must be handled from a respectful, honest, grown up kind of way.

I on the other hand, am far less worried about how it looks, or how it reflects on me.

I will dance anywhere.... I will sing with no shame.

I will do crazy videos for the world to see.

I will talk in a silly voice, I will dress like a clown & parade around town.

I will wear my wedding dress to go get lunch or clean the house.

I will go get a tattoo, cause I just need a new one.

These are some of the odd things I have done. But it is generally me alone doing them. My husband lets me do these things with no worries, but he will not partake in them.

His view is far more conservative.

No dancing, no singing, no video's, no silly voices (unless he has been drinking), no dressing in odd clothes, no wedding dress (LOL) & no tattoo's.

Now I am not trying to say a conservative outlook is horrible. In fact it is this type of personality that keeps the others grounded. You always need someone who will pull your head out of the clouds.

A few years ago a group of us (ladies) went to Las Vegas. It was a great & magical time. However, my drinking alter ego can be a little more bold than normal me & well, she always needs someone to reign her in. Thank goodness there was always one of those types of friends that could do that. In fact my husband kinda requested the one friend to 'keep an eye on me'.

Most importantly about the Vegas trip was that I was able to be my childlike as an adult self with my friends. They allowed me to be my kind of odd, all while making sure they were able to hang on to my leg in case I drifted off.

This is only an example of my inner child who loves to be free.

Over the last couple of years of searching through all my mid life mess, I discovered that somewhere the child I love so dearly, went missing. I allowed the adult to take over & push her aside.

Although I am married to 'the old man', I can tell you that with the younger self making more & more appearances, he makes sure I am held in the reality of my life. I am a mother, I am an adult, I do have responsibilities. But he also lets me go, so I can float in the air with my dreams, aspirations & goals.

What I want for all of you to experience is to find your version of a childlike self.

Be Bold....like stop & dance

Be youthful....play with some Lego, or Barbies

Feed your inner child.

That inner child will be the one that makes you giggle.

They will make sure you laugh.

Their road is one of a simpler process....try it.

Don't live life in a mold. We can all be a little wacky & swing on the swing-set.

Find it. Look for it.

NO One Has To Be An Adult ALWAYS!






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