A Colored Calendar




We are going forward into these months & with them comes changes.

I am not sure about all of you, but with these days ahead it is the time when my life sees dramatic adjustments.

September is the beginning of the bister & olive type color.

There are leaves slowly changing their color to brown, but lucky enough there is still some green left.

This year especially this month is about finding a new routine.

For the last 5 months I have been able to get up, have my coffee & for the most part enjoy it on my front steps or back deck. However, now that the youngest is off to school & the weather is much colder in the mornings, it has been an adjustment. We don't want to place our son on the crowded transit buses so that means I am driving him. This of course is a huge revision to what I am used to.

Everyone likes a scheduled life. I am no different.

Although it is finding it that is the challenge.

Because I now know that September is the start of my difficult months, I have made a plan to combat the sad.

Here is what I have in store for this month.

Hair appointment


Brow Touch Up

Time with Friends

And other adventures that you will learn about!

I want to see Peach for this September.


Everyone remembers the excitement of when they were young & the pending Halloween. I certainly do. The costumes, the candy! It basically is what got me through the month in years past when my children were little.

Things change, & with grown children I do not nearly find it as thrilling as it once was. In fact we could almost say I don't care.

For me personally this month is all about a burnish brown with awful yellows & oranges. We in the western provinces do not get the beautiful falls like the East, & for me this creates a sullen type attitude. So with not Halloween, & no beauty's in color, I struggle through this month.

So as above & changing routine, I have to figure out how to fight off the sad.

They all say physical activities help with Mental Health & so with that power of knowledge I am going to start a new program for working this little body out. It will be through all of October & November which will give me the ability to think happy thoughts.

I am stoked for this as I am not doing anything physical right now because of post surgery.

Change is hard, but I am confident that this will be a great month for me so I can see some sky blue.

November is the worst!

There can be shades of moist shades of ocher & all in the same month white pasty clumps of snow.

Therapy helped me realize that the worst of them all was November.

I spent the greater part of last November in a TV coma doing nothing or very little. It truly was a defining moment when we discussed the change in sunlight, the change in days (time change) & the weather.

I am built for warm weather, there is no denying it. But I live in Canada & this isn't really an option.

Winter is for 9 months of the year... I am exaggerating, but it feels like it is.

All of this & in the past few years, I go & spend a week with my daughter at her American University. This year, I do not have that option. OH Covid!

So I may not be a hiker, or enjoy the cold weather, or be able to travel but I am ready to see a difference in the color that November has previously created for me.

I got some household projects that I am so excited to share with you.

I have some other type of Pinterest material that I am wanting to try.

Most of all though, is that I got to remember that I pick my own color for the month, & this year my November is going to be Yellow. Yellow in honor of the Sun, whom I love!

I guess what I am trying to say is if you also suffer from Seasonal Depression you can also wrangle your way out of it.

Don't sit in your mind, this is the wrong approach.

Create tasks that will make you feel good & a sense of accomplishment.

Do not be like me & allow years to go by without acknowledging that you are seriously affected by the outdoor elements. It took me years & years.

This is my plan, it does not have to be yours.

Figure out what works for you, make that change.

I am excited to establish a Peach color for September by creating a new routine & new adventures.

October is going to be a wonderful Sky Blue this year with all the physical challenges I have brought to myself.

And well November is going to Bright Sunshine Yellow cause I can cross into a world that will test my patience & diligence.

You got this too readers, I believe in you!





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