So it has been a hot minute since I chatted with all of you & yes you possibly need an explanation.

I have missed writing so much & if you didn't know it is built into my soul.

Needless to say, I have been lacking some of my soul replenishing goodness.


Let's start with a story.

My daughter had a staff meeting not too long ago & she was asked as to whom she admired & why.

Her answer was me... I know...I know that some kids always say their parents in one way or another & generally the reason is because they inspired their child. But my girl replied that the reason she admires me is because I am a dreamer & the reason is because I always have hope that there is more or better out there.


Thanks to my baby for that. I do like to believe there is more than the anticipated life.

However, in all of that there is always a source of realism that has to be there too.

And so here is the reason why there has been no writing as of late.


Yes friends, there is only so long you can live in the world of make believe & I like every other human in the world had to accept my fate of being an adult.

I am not currently making any dollars & cents writing (although I do hold hope), so that meant I had to find a JOB!!

DUN DUN DAH......!

It has been no word of a lie that looking for a job in a pandemic world is incredibly difficult, but I finally found the gig.

YES! I got a job.

I am adulting & being financially responsible for all the people in my little nest of a home.

Now should I admit my thoughts on the matter?

I mean I do have coworkers that may stumble upon this little blog....but what really matters here is truth.

So YEP, let's do this.

First, I DO love the people I work with & I actually do not mind the job itself. Well, to be completely honest, that 1st week was iffy but one great friend said hold out for another week & you know she wasn't wrong. Since then I have enjoyed myself immensely.

BUT... & there is always a but! I am lacking the time to write & do what I love. I started a book back in the summer & I just haven't had the time to continue to write since I started. So that is a struggle with the adulting job component.

Second, I LOVE being at home, doing my routine of writing in the morning, errands, taking my kid to school, working out, & chilling when I want to. These are all not in the plan when you have to WORK! Again, I know it may take time to get it all worked out & to make myself a new routine, but I can tell you that I was made to be a 'taken care of' or 'stay at home' kinda gal. I really like the term HIGH MAINTENANCE!

Third, even though I have talked about loving being at home. I also LOVE socializing with a wide variety of people. So maybe if I could map the perfect job, I would do part time with full time pay & have half the day to ME, this would be more ideal. But not really realistic...I KNOW!!

I really have no complaints when it comes to this job. The pay is good, the people are great, the location isn't bad, & the work itself fits perfectly in my scope of abilities. It just is the have to work thing...that is where I struggle. I really would just like a chance to write...all the time.

I think that having almost 2 years to grow & try something new like this blog, created a desire to only do what I know I was designed for & that my friends means not working. But, being the adult I am, I will do it. I will do what I gotta do….right??!

Back to the story. My daughter is not wrong at all, I am 100% a dreamer. I believe that my chance will come to be & do what I was made to do. I know that my dreams can be unrealistic at times, but with no hope there is nothing. So I will continue on my little path of wanting to be more than just another working adult, but realistically I acknowledge that I may not ever be that.

I told my new boss that there would only be 2 ways for me to quit.

  1. If we Won the lottery.

  2. If my husband died.

So I guess in that statement it means that I am there for a really long time, as I don't think either are going to happen anytime soon .... But hey, I am still dreaming!





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