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An Enchanting Connection

I wrote a post that went up last Saturday.

It was kinda like a plea for help & or a throw out to the universe that says; 'Hey, am I even accomplishing making an impact on people?'

And then a few days before the Blog came out.....

I got a message on Instagram from a lady just talking about how she loves my whole premise & blogs & would love to have a chance to talk to me.

At 1st I won't lie, I was very skeptical.

I wasn't sure if all the time I have put into this had impacted anyone in a positive light. So as a result of that thinking & because I have had individuals 'hit' on me through my social media accounts & have had someone asking if I could sell insurance for them.... I wanted to make sure this was a legit situation.

As I scrolled through her Instagram, Facebook & Website,I realized that she was a real person from somewhere in Canada who is trying to achieve the same as me.

Trying to empower individuals to live their best life.

We set up a time to have a video chat & I will admit that I was nervous.

This would be the very 1st time I would be speaking to someone who was not in my inner circle about the work I was doing here.

Up with Coffee brewing, I started a conversation with Elizabeth in Montreal Qc.

We talked about everything.

What she wants to do with her business.

What I am trying to achieve with my Blog.



Past experiences.

We even talked a little about Politics: and for those of you that don't know, East Canada & West Canada are usually on different spectrum's of the political scale. I should mention there were no punches thrown & I took nothing but respect from our conversation on it.

It was a very easy flowing visit, as we both have the same goals.




We chatted for over 2 hrs.

It was a moment in my life where I met someone who I was magically drawn to.

Elizabeth pushed me to look inwards on several topics; all of which will eventually go up on here.

She told me how she thinks that I can be very successful in the Blog world.

She gave me suggestions on how to change or develop my 'lack of a business' plan.

You my readers will likely see these changes come in over the fall.

I am excited to present them to you....

I loved how she talked as much as me.

I adore her insecurity about reaching out to me.

I tried to encourage her to keep moving forward & seeing if there was a possibility that she & I could work together.

I hope one day she lets me write about her story for the world to read on a remarkable person.

She truly was an amazing blessing that day & hopefully moving forward.

I even missed her after we finished the conversation as it was so very fulfilling & stimulating.

I want Elizabeth to know that she was exactly what I needed that day.

Very few times in my life I have met someone who has touched my soul with their grace, encouragement & positivity; she did just that.

Elizabeth I want you to know that you are amazing & that I am so very happy that I got a chance to meet you, talk to you & thank you for sending that initial message.

I hope you feel the same way!!

I look forward to our next coffee & water chat!

That day I had met a kindred spirit, an enchanting connection, & a magical friendship.

For all of us, there are off chance meetings that turn into wonderful relationships.

Give a chance to realize that everything unfolds for a reason.

Take the leap friends, someone extraordinary could be waiting for you.





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