And I will Always Love You

This title may be mis-leading however, it is a great starting point.

I am a full pledge Karaoker. I do it every year on my birthday & if it is happening wherever I am I will participate there too. Like in Mexico at a resort. Anywhere I am!

Here is my list of 'my songs'. Guns 'n' Roses: Sweet Child of Mine, B52's: Love Shack & within the last little bit Whitney Houston's: I Will Always Love You. These are all a part of the performance list.

Get why I picked the title now??

For years & years I have done this singing birthday thing. Over this time many friends have come & performed with me & or watch (mostly watch). I really thought I could sing. Now not sing like I should be on a reality show or anything, but at least hold a tune. I would get up there and act all Axel Rose or Whitney like & sing my little heart out. I was on the stage & being the best kind of performer I could be.

Except.....there was the one birthday & someone told me the next day, that I actually can't sing.

WHAT???? Remember I said years.

Like hold up, I have been doing this for more than one blue moon & I am Sh*T! A startling revelation.

Okay, if I am being super honest about the whole thing, there was this one song I did a few years ago (Sia: Chandelier) & there was totally crickets in the very full pub when I finished. I did have a moment at that time that made me think it was not a good song choice. However, I went back again the next year & thought I had redeemed myself, by sticking to the ones I was good at.

So anyways, I ask a few other people & they are all like; 'Yeah it is the truth, you can't sing.' So why have I been putting myself out there for ages, with no one telling me that I suck balls & everyone continues to show up?

Here is where we get to the best part.

They all gave me the same compliment after telling me I lack talent. 'But your confidence & performance skills are one of a kind.' HUH! Food for thought; Right?

They are right, I generally don't give a F**k of what people think of me. That goes right down to my bones. There are few people that would have an effect on my personal outwards self. They are people in my inner circle, & I mean my really snug circle.

Confidence: check.

Talent: requirements not met

I was recently in Mexico & they had a Karaoke night. I may have made the mistake of trying Celine Dion at this one, but to be honest, I don't really care. However, there was this amazing couple from Washington State. They had that magical magnetism between them, it was something that made you gravitate in their direction. He said ' You don't lack the confidence? Do you?' I replied with a 'NOPE, I do not'. I turned to the wife & she said, 'I wish I could do that? But people will laugh & I will suck at it.'

This is the whole point of this blog. This one & the ones that will follow. BE YOU! Why are any of us worried about what people might think or how they may react. I had so much fun that night between singing, meeting new people & drinking that I never even thought that these people were laughing at me. I just don't care.

None of us should. We should be our authentic selves with no esteem issues. What is something that you could do that could make you look like a fool but would make you feel amazing & that would make you so that you wouldn't care what others are thinking about you?

How about try wearing your wedding dress around the house while cleaning?

Or maybe trying your red carpet face in the mirror.

Dance in a store.

Start with somewhere & something where no one knows you.

These are a few ideas you could try. I am up for suggestions too..... if you want.

If you can smile about it. You can do it anything, anywhere.

Wrapping this up, one more thing.

Do you think any of those people in Mexico who listened to me be Celine Dion went home & was like, 'Hey there was this girl, her name is Karen & she sang like poop.'

Nope! Not likely & if they did the people they were telling the story to didn't exactly care either. No one added me to their Instagram because of it & I will likely never see any of them again. So why not do it!!

1st self esteem building. Try it people!





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