I started writing The Hard Truth Series to reflect on who I am & how I got here. It was something very therapeutic for me & continues to be. However, I have realized that the title of the series is not how I desire for the world to see my past.

There are so many different types of ups & downs in life & The Hard Truth Series has taken a more glass half empty approach. I have somewhat wallowed in the negative & although there are positives involved in each of the posts, I have just felt that I needed a more balanced name for this series of truths.

There was a time in life that I had so much faith & believed that good things were going to happen for me. It took me many hurdles to get there, but I always Believed.

When I started this Just Another Manic Funday journey I totally had faith that it would bring me an adventure that I was craving & needed in my life. It was going to provide me something that I had not experienced before. It has given me that & so much more. It isn't always a great adventure, but it has been a gift far more than I could have ever imagined.

I so strongly love the word Believe that I had it tattooed on me many many years ago, & I knew that if I ever wrote a book about my life it would be titled just the same. I think this is where this slight change all stems from. Belief is what has gotten me through some of the difficult times in my life, & I would not be the person I am today without it.

If you Believe then you will succeed. It is our minds that truly hold that outcome.

I not only want everyone who reads this to feel inspired by my truth, but to know that no one's life is 'easy'. No matter what you see online or how it is presented in person, everyone one of us struggles.

Each & Everyone Of Us!

The world I have created is important for others to relate too.

I struggle as you have.

I cry like you have.

I do not have a picture perfect life, just as anyone else.

The real truth is that I need you to Believe in you & use my tools to know you can achieve anything you desire too. You can be whatever you choose, & that is why I have placed my challenges out there for the world to read. I want everyone to Believe that life can get better or life can be difficult. The real fact of the matter is that without the faith in Believing you really have nothing & nothing is not an option.

I Believe that we all have purpose.

I Believe that mine is to share my journey with you.

I Believe.

You can Believe too!

Welcome to the new name of The Hard Truth Series ... BELIEVE.






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