Birthday Blog for You!

Honestly the best part of your friendship is that it is literally based on nothing.

It is your Birthday & I need to let everyone know how much you mean to me.

Our friendship started with uncertainty.

You were so very unsure of me & my crazy ways.

But you have come around & even embraced a little absurd on your own.

There is so many memories.

Pretending to be mad at each other in front of the counter staff at our favorite fast food place.

The look on that poor kids face.

Doing our 1st 10km run.

You could have gone so much faster than little me, but you waited & we finished that run together.

You asking me to feed your cats while you were on vacation & I having no clue you had fish too.

You honestly should tell people that you have more than one type of animal.

Side note, I didn't even find out until a year later......

Or the time I house sat for you & told you I turned on the heat in your house.

Let's be real here, we do live in Canada & it was January & your house was so cold.

Although I never actually turned on the heat....You thought I did & you were so mad with me.

But this makes me laugh every time I think of it.

Or how about how we are volleyball teammates.

We have been doing this together for years.

The groin shot, the off the head, the goalie plays that you make are worth the laugh every time.

There was the time you lent us money when we were down & out; struggling.

It was $2000 & it meant the world that you did this for us....for me.

But when we could finally pay you back (even though you never expected it) I gave it all to you in 5 dollar bills. I would have done loonies or twoonies, but the bank said NO.

However, your face was so very frustrated with me. I mean I did separate them all & shake them up in a paper bag & gave it to you while we were camping. But the best was your face!

Honestly though the best part of your friendship is that it is litterally based on nothing.

We joke how are text's have no substance & no worth.

We are like the sit-com where we talk about nothing.

Oh, & one last memory.

Every year on your birthday, I try to do something to annoy you beyond belief.

Like sending you each letter of Happy Birthday individually over a long period of time through the whole day.

Or having each of my family members text you Happy Birthday at the exact same time.

Or personally my fave from last year, 46 individual Birthday text's or gif's all day long. Nothing but Birthday texts. I wouldn't even reply when you wanted to chat about other things. Just Happy Birthday's. You were upset with me. You tried to text me to stop as you were missing other texts while I was doing this. But couldn't stay mad for long.

So this year for your Birthday, you get a post!

An epic tale of friendship for the whole world to read.

Happy Birthday to my Best Girlfriend Patrick B.






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