Boom! Drop the Mic!

Here it is look & new vibe.

Let me know what you think??

I took the advice from the blogger I reached out to last fall.

She told me to clean it up as it was too busy! Less is more she said!

I am excited to see what she has for input now!

I wanted this to be a great journey for all of you & hopefully it is a little better now!!

You will start to see little changes to Instagram too! Got to make me a smidge more visible & make this about an adventure that we can all go on together.

Here are my personal goals for this year....

  • Increase my readership!

  • Start a new series that will focus on everyday people in this world.

  • Create a following in the social media world.

  • & Maybe make a little money doing this!

I wanted to complete this earlier but figuring out my footprint was harder than I anticipated. It is always difficult to look inwards & try to figure out what you are doing.

In this case with my blog, I wanted people to see that they are not alone in their personal woes. We all got them & need to establish a community of support.

Another is the gratitude; we can create in ourselves which will in turn give us the chance to see life in a thankful manner. Gratitude equals Growth.

To add one more is the hacks of life that we all got but we don't really even share. Simple life moments that will only add to our lives. You know like .... Avocado seed in the guacamole stops it from greying faster.

Whatever you take from this blog of mine...there is so much for the taking!

I found my groove & as this blossoms into more you may see other little changes. Hang on Folks...this is going to be Another Manic Funday!

I was inspired by so many amazing bloggers out there & their beautiful designs. It is truly a great community to be a part of. They know who they are & what they provided for me. To them I say THANK YOU!

Going forward & never looking back.

This is what I need from all of you is your thoughts.

Tell me what you think of the new look.

Give me some constructive criticism.

Put down your phone too....& take a look on a PC or MAC!!

Input & readership is everything to me!

I need all of you!





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