Bored Yet?

I think I am past the point of bored.

Is that even possible?

I do think it is!

Here is my issue.

There is only so much Netflix, Crave or any type of reality TV you can watch. Every night it is the same thing of sitting around & doing not much of anything but TV.

The other problem is that there is only so much shopping that can be done online.

Truly the highlight of my day is when the mail comes.


I have done the necessary (& not necessary) shopping that I need & just wait for it all to arrive. I am an avid shopper & my issue is now I just don't want to shop or wait!

Okay, so I have shopped, looked around, played games on line, & checked my social media at least 900 times a day..... cause you know something has changed in the last 5 mins from the last time I checked it. NOT!

There has been a lifetime of all the TV, online grazing & nothing, in a wonderful 6 weeks.

I honestly feel like I am wasting my days away.

Not to long ago I took up cross stitching again after a very long break; years in fact.

But my issue with doing more, is that I have no idea what to cross stitch & or who to make it for. I already have 10 completed sitting in my closet & have no idea what to do with them.

So it is one of those of, do I make more for no purpose or do I try to find something else.

So I thought maybe adult coloring pages, but then again (if you know me) I am very particular when it comes to things like this. I am all over TWD right now, but thy don't really make coloring pages of Rick & crew. There is little to nothing that catches my eye while I am looking. This one I am sure is off the table.

We do a weekly movie night all 5 of us.

We do a weekly game night too.

My 3 children are high school & or University & although I am Mrs. Mama from the school of: 'This is NOT Summer Vacation for 5 Months'.... they really do not need my help & or I can't even understand it to help them.

Clearly this is not going to help my boredom!

So what are the other options?

Clean the house? YEP! Got that!

Purge belongs? YEP! All over that, except there is nowhere to take them right now.

Redecorate? SURE! A little here or there we can do.

Yard work? OKAY! I personally hate yard work but I certainly will do it to keep the boredom away.

Read? YES! I do this everyday regardless of what kind of chaos our lives are.

I have a list of odd & crazy things to do, but again these are like one off's. I don't see myself doing all of these everyday.

So? What are all of you doing to stay sane?

I am also working out every weekday. This is fine! I enjoy the activity, but with working out it is only a certain amount of time.....I can't work out all day, everyday.

Although I have considered it!

Walks? Yeah I got you.

Sitting around? We do too much of this.

I think the biggest issue for me is the lack of socializing.

Normally I am home looking for a job, writing, & maintaining life here.

Daughter is away at University, sons are at High School & husband is at work.

I have a amazing amount of alone time in our standard life.

With that, though is the social time I have in a normal world too.

Monday's is for Volleyball where I go & enjoy being out with my friends playing a sport I love.

Then at least 2 Saturdays a month we are out socializing with friends.

Never mind the fact that at any point I can go anywhere & do anything.

Not so much NOW!

These days it is all about HOME!


How are you coming up with ways to handle this 'new' life we are all living?

Whatever you are doing.....share it!

It could motivate us all.





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