So how do you brand a person or goals?

Is it the personality, the ability, the characteristics?

This one has been very hard for me to figure out.

Everyone who has a small business has a Brand.

Everyone who writes a blog or is an influencer has one too.

So what am I?

I can tell you that this reflective moment has been very difficult for me.

I am not sure what it is & apparently I need to know.

Is it that I am quirky with a bunch of wild & wacky ways?

Or is it that I want to encourage people to try something new?

Or is it that I talk to people & create a post for all to read?

Possibly that I use all of this to reflect on the past & use it as a tool to heal?

I just am not too sure.

I started all this to have a therapeutic moment for me in reflecting my life.

To also help people realize that life is a journey.

Life hacks on things you can do to create the environment or life you want.

To help deal with these ever changing times.

I just am not sure how to narrow it down or how to place a word on it.

I do not want to be called a influencer as I do not want anyone to try to be like me.

But I do love the word empower as it reflects the need & desire I have to push people to be their best self.

However, there are my little Life Hacks that I want to share & there are the amazing people who I think we all need to get to know. We need to hear their tales too!

On top of this I also want to put out there my story. My life so it can encourage people to take a breath & know life can or will get better. It is also important for me to let go of the past & push forward from the world of pain & hurt that I have held onto.

So again? What is my brand?

I recall a few years ago feeling this same uneasiness in another decision. I cannot tell you what it is as I do not actually recall the dilemma, but I can tell you that I do remember the feeling.

It is almost like if I pick the wrong one I am screwed. So how do you pick the correct one?

This is it my dear friends & readers, what is my brand?

I need your input!

Some of you have read them all, & some have read a few, but you would get the gist of what I am trying to accomplish....

It is a little difficult to rework my website & blog posts if I don't have a clue as to my brand!

Short & sweet friends!

Give me your thoughts & help me with my Brand!





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