Camping Our Style

Camping from the long weekend is in the bag!

All done & all fun!

Except, to be very honest I am still recovering from all of it.

A few days later....

I am fairly confident that being all shut in the house (except for groceries) caused us to be a little more out there than we normally are.

Whenever we go camping we live life on camping time.

What is camping time you ask?

Well it is when the time just dissipates & causes a delay in meals & bed.

You don't ever realize what time it is.

This happens for a variety of reasons.

Games, drinking, the time you get up, munching, & more.

So even though we got there on Friday afternoon we even still managed to lose time.

After setting up & ordering wood, we went & looked around, social distance chatted with our friends & then bam, it is 7pm when we actually sit down for dinner.

But the one thing that always completes camping time is the fire.

Our 1st night out there was a celebration of not being in the house.

We drank our little hearts out & maybe a little too much.

My daughter & I had a couple of really good laughing fits. There was her lying on the trailer floor while I was walking around with my pants undone (not down) while we tried to make my son's bed (the couch).

Then there was when I decided that I wanted a face lift & we took pictures so we could show the Doctor what I wanted.


Let me tell you, when I found those pics the next day, they were frightening.

As you can see, I am not sure this would be a good look for me....TEEHEE!

I can't even tell you what time we went to bed that 1st night, but I can tell you that the next morning the cowbell ringing in my head was more than I could handle.

So normally getting up at 8am has now turned into 10am & the camping time is stuck for Saturday.

We of course did our normal routine of coffee, breakfast & just nursing headaches.

Eventually we decided to play Yahtzee, but this time we had large dice. When I say large.....I mean the size of my face dice.

It was fun, & a great new perspective on an old game. The only complaint is when 5 of you are playing it....the large dice takes the game from maybe an hour to 3 hours.

Again, loss of time.

I can't even tell you what time we had lunch.

Either way, once that was over we all headed for our 'ugh we did not get enough sleep' corners.

I read.

Hubs napped.

Youngest Son watched YouTube.

Oldest Son views TikTok.

Daughter chilled.

Dinner was again late, & we had no idea why.

It truly is just the way it happens.

So then Fire Round 2!

I am not sure why, but I very rarely drink 2 nights in a row.

Well unless I am in Vegas or Mexico.

But I did & this time we could not control our laughter, when my oldest son decided to wear protective eye gear for the smoke going in his eyes. Honestly,he even had to show our friends that were camping with us. He said it helped, but looked like it hurt.

I guess pain is worth it to prevent the smoke from burning your eyes.

Whatever it takes!

Again another night at the fire with the Crazy Family.

One more morning of cowbell headaches, & another time delay in crawling out of our beds.

Photo provided by J.Beamish

Sunday is that day of camping when NOTHING happened.

We had a big breakfast at like noon.

Then just sat around in the sun.

We couldn't play card games as the wind was pretty strong, but the sun was so warm. So we didn't want to go inside to play, when we could have heat from the golden circle in the sky.

So basically, it was a social distant visit with our friends.

Just sitting around doing NOTHING!

What time did we eat dinner?


However fire for our last evening & again a drinking night.

3 nights is pretty advantageous of me! I can't even believe we did 3 in a row.

What happened this time though is true to our form for our family.

Our daughter had too much to drink & started trying to make herself feel better by removing some of her liquids out of her gut. Which in turn made our son dry heave as he is a full on sympathy gagger.

To top all this off, it woke up our friends & I got a text telling me as much.

I also was told the next morning that our friend's daughter was like 'Dad can you make them stop?' To which he replied 'I can't! It Is The DeMarsh's'.


When we are our own excuse for our behavior.....What does that say?

Long camping trip summary short.

We have been too trapped in the home that once we were set free, we went too hard.

Basically next trip we can manage a bit tamer.

Freedom tasted soo good!

I think we have always known we are fun, & that we all like spending time with each other.

We also know that we are not the norm for families.

Not all families like spending time together or even have their grown children camp with the parents. But you know what?

I would rather any day have this than having it the opposite: ALONE!

So another one for the books!

But I can wait for the next!

Small Disclaimer:

I do have to mention that our daughter & our friends are adults in their 20's, & our oldest son is of drinking age. There is one one child who is a minor & he was not participating.




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