Can't Do This Without You!

So here is another little blog to ask for everyone's input.

Here I am putting myself out there & so far nothing has happened. I get it I do!

Patience is a virtue I lack....a lot!

This is not about that!

This is a 'what do you want me to write about?'

Your input is required here!

Do you have any idea's?

Do you know something that I should talk about with everyone?

Do you know an inspiring individual that i should meet and do a little write up on?

Is there a story about both of us that we should share?

Do you want to a guess spot?

It isn't that I have run out of ideas, cause I haven't!

When that days comes it will be sad....but I also want to engage.

It is important as you the readers get to be apart of this too.

Come On Folks!!

I need YA!




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