Catch A Book & Escape

I recently was texting a friend about how to consume time in this crazy Covid world.

She is battling with her personal demons about not being able to leave the house & do normal day activities.

I get it!

I do!

However, as you all have seen in my Seclusion series, I have tried to find ways to combat the 'new' normal we are all facing.

This little piece of info is something not new.

It is my everyday life.

The old normal.

But sure as anything, it keeps me sustained & entertained.

I read!

I read lots!

When my children were younger, it was incredibly hard to find the energy & or the brain power to function after they were all finally in bed.

So after years of not reading any books, or doing anything but watching TV with drool on my face, I decided to do a New Years resolution that I could actually achieve.

Read a book before bed!

This I knew this was a resolution I could be successful at.

I can read books of substance, learn a little & flex my brain.

Reading & the information it provides has been a good part of my life.

When I was young & just starting out in school. I was an above average reader.

Basically I was reading at a Grade 6 level in Grade 1.

And by the time I hit High School, I was a second year University Student speed reader.

I can drop words out of reading (minimizing) to just get the premise of the plot or the knowledge (chunking) I need from it.

I can also read extremely fast.

But somewhere along the way, I stopped reading books.

Then came the promise to achieve reading books again.

I found a few titles I was intrigued by & boom!

The reading commenced.

I have learned so many things from books.

The history of our family last name.

The days of Josephine Bonaparte.

How love is a tricky thing.

How people in Asia live wacky rich.

The days of the War of Roses.

Elizabeth I.

Geisha's history.

And so much more.

I have traveled in my mind to many different places.









New York

I have lived during many different times through history.

World War I.

World War II.

Chinese Revolution.



1880 Japan.

I have been people I despise.

I have done things I love.

Who wouldn't want to try all of these adventures?

I have read so much over these last few years, that I have killed 2 Kobo's & now working on my 3rd.

Reading is an escape for me.

So when we are feeling trapped & there is no way out.

Or when something like this happens; read.

In the last few years in my personal battles in my mind.

Sometimes reading was all I could do.

It made me someone I was not.

Reading took me away from my problems, tucked them somewhere I didn't have to deal with them.

I was living in another persons world; in my book.

So to my dear friend,

Find something that can take you somewhere else.

Where you are someone else.

Where you can escape your world.

There is always a way to overcome & move beyond.




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