Choose to Change ~ 4 Day Challenge

4 days & I want a miracle in losing 9 more pounds.



4days & a possibility of me being allowed to excuse what I eat & exercise.



Bah! This life we live where we feel guilty for eating food on the couch or feel tormented by not working out....I am just over it! LIKE TOTALLY OVER IT!

I would love a miracle & I would love to live guilt free.

So what do you do?

This is the real question here.

A new friend to my personal cast of characters…..

Lucy & with her comes a simple 4 day challenge.

That is LOGICAL!

This type of challenge is more about figuring out your coconut (brain) & how to overcome some of life's mental blocks & to learn the best way to manage your life! YOURS is not the same pot as everyone else.

But before we dive into the 4 days & lessons that I learned, let's chat about some of the reasons why we as women suffer from the guilt that plagues us!

Women are literally the WORST at body shaming themselves & others.


Do you get how emphatic I am about this? The hate we give is HORRIBLE!

This is where a lot of our issues as a community come from.

I personally have been body shamed by people I considered my good friends.

It hurts people….. don't suggest you do it to anyone.

I also have many friends that struggle with weight & even though I may appear to be a smaller stature it does not mean that my body deserves to be shamed. It does not matter what size you are, DO NOT put someone down for the way they look.


We all got that one friend who ALWAYS makes us feel so small & not worth anything.

I have heard the comments.

I have seen the looks & I allow her to dictate my feelings of not being worthy.

This in turn creates a torment of inner demons of guilt, not eating properly or going for a walk.. YES she has the power to make me feel guilty.


Well because she makes me feel little, & even if you are big, small, tall or short all of these feelings are what we as women do.

All of this should be a Motivator you would think....But really it makes it way worse.

Ahhh Women!!

There is more to this of course, but the world of how ‘women’ are supposed to look & the shaming that comes with being a ‘woman’ definitely define the majority of this.

So to overcome all of it I have been looking to find someone who could be my food/physical being Guru!!

Lucy.... Lucy....Where are you!!

This my readers is the NEW Guru of food/physical insight.

The new found Guru isn't all that new to my life.

I found Lucy on Instagram last 2020 Spring.

I do not know about you but I love finding new & talented people on IG. I mean those few people that can bring so much to your life in many aspects. Lucy was no different.

I always sit back & watch...that is my main research method & this is what I did for months.

So with Lucy & her program (Dunnebells) there is an 8 week program & I thought & dwelled on this a lot & I waited for what I thought was the best time to try this.

October 2020....& it was NOT the right time for me.

You know how it is trained in your brain??

Eat everything on your plate: Parents told us that everyday.

Workouts have to be 1hr: If you are not in pain & sweating you are doing something wrong.

Protein, Protein, Protein: who needs veggies when you got meat...Right?!

Personally these are just a few things on my little journey of health that I have had to overcome.

Am I alone here ladies???

I don't think so.

So when I first started with Lucy & Dunnebells, I could not get over some of the things that I had been told throughout my whole life & well .... needless to say, it did not go well for me. Poor Lucy had no clue that I was struggling & I didn't say anything. This was all on me!

I broke up with the lady & she had no clue. All I had to do was ask for a little help or explanation, but ya know....I didn't!

I am confident that Lucy would have if I had opened my little perplexed brain if I had told her about my struggles….I didn't!

The program she offered was easy to understand, if only I had prompted a reasoning why when I was confused or lost….but I didn't!

Soooo here is what she offered & here is what I thought:

A 10-15min workout: Like that isn't long enough!!

A doughnut is okay: clearly this is not protein.

No counting calories: counting has been life.

Basically everything I had been told to this point was...what Null & Void?

Now you know why I struggled with Lucy's program.

So feeling shamed, inadequate & stuck, I chose to fail at this program.

Enter Summer of 2021.

The anxiety of my body health, image & choosing a life of NO change I went looking for something to help me battle the inner women demons.

HEY Lucy let's try this again!

I never left her on social media.

I just watched her again.

I was open & ready for a chance to change.

Isn't it amazing when there is a sign showing you the way?

All Lucy did was post a 4 day challenge with no miracles or excuses.

Just a challenge of intellectual health. HUH... all I had to do was swipe up!

So the swipe happened & I booked those 4 days off in my life to empower myself with change & some wisdom.

Jumped right in & BOOM!

Life hacks began.

Day 1:

It was all stuff in one way or another I had heard before.

But maybe it was Lucy's delivery that clicked my brain into understanding.

I have to learn to develop a healthy relationship with food & exercise.

I got to be honest with myself about my struggles, which I have not been for a really long time. And the importance of one little hormone called Cortisol in my life.

But the one thing that I heard the most in our Day 1 Live session was 'What is stopping me?'.

I got nothing for this answer. Mind over Matter maybe? Or has the routine of life taken over?

The torment of deciding to sit on the couch or go for the walk was & has always been fierce. What is stopping me from doing it?

Well the answer is only me & making the wrong choice & all I had to be was honest with myself.

Through this 30 min chat with Lucy & many other ladies with similar struggles as me I learned that I am the barrier of success.

I learned that a 10 min workout can give me the same as a 1hr workout.

We figured out that we need to acknowledge the hormones our bodies need as women to stay off the weight.

Growth was the key word! This is totally what I needed from this first day & well, I got it!

When all was said & done, we had a 10 min workout on her YouTube channel & well... I have to admit that I was super apprehensive about doing only 10 mins.

But HEY....I got some good pain from it & absolutely loved it.

It could be because I listened, asked & heard.

HUH....who would have thought?

Day 2:

Again, sitting in front of my computer & open & receptive to the Day 2 topic with Lucy.

Ahhh the nutrients of life & I mean the actual shit we put in our mouths.

Lucy talked about removing the food restriction we as ladies put upon ourselves....cause we don't do that at all (enter sarcasm here).

I certainly do this, which leads to my internal guilt. I think I finally grasped the concept of breaking the cycle & establishing a new relationship with yummy goodness of food.

The most enlightening part of this was choosing 5 actions or habits I would like to make with food.

I answered this in the journal she provided before this 4 day challenge started. Get the homework done before it is due…. But her chat that day made me realize that my answers were generic, unfulfilling & not challenging. So I reevaluated & chose answers that are honest & pushing me.

Lucy asked us to narrow it down to one of the five that we were going to start working on. I picked a glass of water every morning before food & or coffee.

Simple in theory…..but pushing me all the same.

I will tell you honestly that I have missed a few, but I have acknowledged that I have, & instead of feeling like a failure, I am just looking forward to the next morning.

At the end of the day though, I realized that habit forming behaviors was more important than the content of my eating habits


Day 3:

Believe it or not this FB live with Lucy gave me the most dawn of realization day.

Rest & Recovery & More.

Back in October of 2020 I couldn't understand why Lucy would not give me a workout on Mondays. She said my volleyball was the workout. I took that as not getting enough as I had been previously told before. So when she started chatting about Rest & Recovery, it gave an ah-ha moment that the Volleyball was indeed a workout & my body needed the rest prior. Maybe I should have asked for a reason back in 2020, but this moment with Lucy gave me the understanding.

The enlightenment went on.

It is important to rest.

It is not a one size fits all workout world.

There is no shame in how many days you rest or recover.

Like WOW!

I mean I think I knew all this, but it was a moment that I never really thought it through.

Moving forward in her chat Lucy the new Guru also gave me some insight as to how to motivate me. That is somewhere I have struggled with in this (post?) pandemic world.

Or how to allow myself days to rest or recover?

Or my personal How’s?

Crazy right???

At my age I always think it is all because I am just lazy.

But when I get on the treadmill & decide 5 mins into walking thatI dont want to be here, it may actually be that my body is saying 'Hey....not today Karen'!

After being totally blown away by this knowledge, it was one last thing she said that again went into the ah-ha category.

HACK: Food without labels will help you recover faster.

OKAY! I even had to ask.

Yes friends, I had to ask about food without labels. Obviously the answer is that it is fruit & veggies & not processed food.

But NOT ever had I thought that.

I mean really, it makes sense though!

If I threw myself around like a 16 year old while playing volleyball at the age of 44 would a banana or carrots help me recover the next day….not the chips!

In fact, not once in my life have I thought that food = recovery!

I literally just thought I had to eat these, so I should eat fruits & vegetables.

So again, all the failures of last fall came to light in this 30 mins with Lucy.

Day 4:

9am with coffee in hand & a Zoom live meeting. Yep!

Saturday morning outside in the cool August weather. I bundled my ass up & gave'r to this interactive chat with Lucy! This was the only day where we had the chance to chat & ask questions ourselves. Everything else was done by the keyboard up to this point. So it was wonderful to hear (like physically hear) the other womens fears & what they were worried about with Lucy’s last 3 day chats.

Lucy was of course great!

Absolutely No shaming!

She was asked some questions about Nutrients & she went into more details.

She was asked about the counting calories apps & she explained her point of view.

She was asked how this would work for perimenopausal women & she gave her insight.

NOT once was her 8 week program forced on anyone.

Not once did she gawf or belittle anyone.

She embraced & answered honestly.

In fact there was one lady who clearly did not feel comfortable with being on camera when she wanted to ask her question, however Lucy was amaze balls at making her feel like it was absolutely okay with or without her camera on.

The best part of this all is that Lucy is completely open & honest about life, guilt & what tools you really need to live a happy & healthy life. And if you know anything about me at all....That is all I really want: A happy life.

This is a woman in the same boat as you or me.

She has also had struggles with body image, & food.

THAT IS THE BEST PART!! She is human too & understands your own torments.

Guilt has plagued me for almost my whole adult life.

Excuses have overcome my success.

Lucy gave me a breath of fresh air.

NO more guilt in what I eat, but add the foods that I need more of.

NO more excuses on why I cannot do it, just get up & achieve it.

It isn't as simple as that really, but making the effort is the most important change here.


A quick little thanks.

Thank you for giving me a few more strengths in becoming a better person. In fact thanks for being out there empowering all women. I am super glad that you fell into my Instagram stories & you share yours & Kelsey's life with all of us! I am really excited that I will be coming back to you soon with a fresh outlook & a new understanding of what you are & how Dunnebells can make a difference in my life.

Thanks hun for being you!


For you my amazing readers, if you are willing to try, learn & choose to change, seek her out & see if she is a good fit for you @dunnebells on IG!


I never ever want to be the person that says if you live like me you will be me. I think it is important for all of you to know that I have demons too. I have not overcome them in writing this blog. I just want you all to know that at the end of the day the most important message is TRY!

I would rather you all try your best, than not try at all.

Live your journey.

Enjoy your Manic Funday.

Be the Happiest you can be.





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