Christmas 2020 Memoriam (Letter)

It is with great happiness that we announce the end of this year.

This is our dear memoriam to 2020.

Dear 2020,

It has been an experience for each of us. My little family are left to remember you & the affects you have left upon the whole world.

2020, you had so much potential! You started off amazing!

The spouse & I getting the chance to enjoy a trip to Mexico for a week with friends. And then there was also the cherished moment of watching our daughter play in her Junior Recital.

But in March, dear 2020 you changed everything.

Children home from school, borders closed & our family was left with a bag of mix feelings on how to all be cooped up in our little home together.

2020, did you know that even though you brought a virus that anyone can catch, you also brought the passing of our baby Kitty ~ Spunky? 2020, it is bad enough that the world had changed dramatically, but then you take our lovable little fur ball from us!

2020, really??!

So, 2020, we all sat in this house working on all sorts of stuff.

My oldest son had to finish his Grade 12 year at home & had to have his High School Graduation via a drive thru. The celebration was there and was just a little more unique from past years. There was a small get together & drinks for him & a few close friends, but 2020, lifetime moments like these should not have been altered.

Or how about how our youngest son who had to complete the last half of Grade 10 at home? 2020, how is that fair to him or me? We managed to make it through, but there were a few moments where mother & child did not like each other.

On top of all this! Our daughter had to come back in March! And then decided to go back for her Senior Year to University in Washington State. But all her classes are online! 2020! That isn’t the experience she signed up for! No football, No Band & No Orchestra.

Oh, 2020!

My husband was really unaffected! And 2020, this is a good thing! He could not handle us all if he had to be home with us every day. There is a patience limit with him 2020, so thank you for letting him still go to work every day. For this we are grateful!

Eventually 2020, the restrictions eased up & we were allowed to do a little more & more. We certainly do feel for the families & people who have suffered through this as one of us did too.

2020 can you see how hard this has all been?

However, one thing you couldn’t take from us dear year was our ability to smile, laugh & manage through all of this.

We got to socially distance camp in BC & Aspen Crossing 5 times. We watched the Walking Dead & are advance at handling Zombies. Had some Fires in the backyard with great laughs. Lots of card or game nights, where there was always laughter. Movie series & Netflix time. Building & crafting. And Instagram pictures that helped create memories for us to share in remembrance of all of this.

We had our own bubbles with a few friends, but 2020, we miss all of our other friends & family that we haven’t been able to see in quite some time. We may all get a chance with a new year, right?

Basically 2020, it was not that bad, but really, really different.

We just miss the normal world. Okay? 2020?

2020, this family did grow closer together & we managed to move forward regardless. I personally started a blogging adventure, our daughter is finishing her degree, the oldest son is working full time, the youngest son is in Grade 11 & the hubby is the hubby & well we just want to say…you will not be missed & we are so very excited to have a new number to yell at.

2020, meet 2021.

Farewell 2020 Apocalyptic Zombie like Year!

Love Always TWD,

The Walking DeMarshs'





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