Christmas 2021 ~ A Chipmunk Song (Letter)

Alright you Friends!

Ready to sing a song?

I’ll say we are!

YES, let’s start now!

“Okay, Jay?’


Okay, Addy?


Okay Ty? Ty? Ty???!!!!!


Christmas, Christmas time is near.

Time for Pandemics & time for Beer!

2021 has been wary but it can’t last.

Hurry Christmas, hurry fast.

The 5 of us are loop de loop.

And all we want is to flee the coup.

We can hardly stand the wait.

Please 2022 open everything great….

Okay, DeMarshmellows….YOU ready!

That was amazing Addy!


Very Good Jay!


AH-Ty, you were a smidge flat!

Try it again, ah-Ty … TY? TYLER!!!


Addy graduated whoop.

Jay has a new job with a new group.

Ty will finish Grade 12 & can hardly wait.

Kevin is working at home & now is never late.

& Me, I am working too & love my workmates.

Christmas, Christmas time is here.

Time for family & time for cheer.

Camping & Seattle went fast.

The 5 of us have had a blast.

We may have had no clue.

But this year definitely flew.

Addy has been teaching a whole troop.

Jay going to do the University swoop.

Ty is still working the Stamps dates.

Kev is always handing out his usual great.

& Well, me is always got a full plate.

Christmas, Christmas what a year.

22 was Addy for the cheer.

Jay is 19 to which is teen last.

17 is Ty that means 18 is being cast.

Kevin & I hit our 20 years of whoop.

The cats are still part of the troop.

So much for 2022 to create.

We love the ability to anticipate.

All we ask is for time with our pal group.

A drink or 2 with all of our troop.

We can hardly wait.

To see all who want to make a date.

There is so many of our mates,

To whom we miss their traits.

New Year, New Year for the cheer.

Us DeMarshs’ keep you all dear.

Put all of this pandemic in the past.

The hope is always forecast.

The New Year needs a new loop.

And We will have ONE big Shoop!

This has been one big HULA-HOOP.

It continues to swings a big loop.

Addy moving towards great.

Jay is future is his to create.

Ty will get to write his own narrate.

And Kevin is always about the Tailgate.

Christmas, Christmas time is HERE!

Time for laughs & time for Cheer.

We’ve been great & hope it lasts.

Hurry New Year, hurry fast.

Me, well, I sure had fun.

The excitement of the future isn’t done.

Miss you all & we can’t wait.

For it all could be just GREAT!





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