Click, Like, Follow & Share

Here is what I need from all of you.

Consider this a interactive post or maybe a test to see who is participating in my new adventure.

As you may have seen in all of the posts on Facebook, Instagram & on Just Another Manic Funday, I have included the hashtag #clicklikefollowshare.

I decided that this is going to be what I will use for all my post's going forward. But I want to explain all of these so you understand why I am using #clicklikefollowshare


As we all know it is the click that is vital to all of our online needs & desires.

Click the button to confirm your order.

Click here to verify your email.

Click to read the article.

How many times do you click a mouse in one sitting at the computer?

Click, Click, Click.

This is what I essentially need from you. I need you to click into the Funday world. This is where all of our adventures will begin.

This is the most important starting point.


As we know the world likes being liked. Almost like (no pun intended) we are obsessed with it. Although some of our Social Media has taken away the like count, it is still vital to most of us that our posts are still like by at least one.

There is the virtual like & then there is the personal like.

I want you to LIKE it!!

I can't stress this enough. I know a lot of this is for me & my journey back to my happiness, but if I don't have the readers & the participants then how do I even know if I am doing anything good!

I think the blogs are great, which may be a little bit bias but your comments (likes) are important too.

So if you don't like it on my Facebook & Instagram, please, please like it on here at my website.

I like you all enough to share this, so like me too?


We have no issues following famous people, business, friends, magazines, news & on & on & on.

So I am asking all of you to become a member of this Manic Funday.

I want to stress to all of you that I am not receiving any money for this. There is nothing in it for me except a chance to do things I love & to share it all with you.

This isn't just my journey you will read about, this is a Manic Funday for us all. There are many people that I will feature who have traveled their own path to happiness. With some special features like guest blogs, crazy life skills & tricks for anyone.

If you don't follow how will you know??


This one I think is the most important!

If one of you gets one of your friends on online to share this & they get one friend to share it & it goes on, then I have achieved my goal. The more people I touch, the more I have a chance to finding a way to make this a substantial relationship with the world.

Tell people!

Sharing on your Social Media is amazing & Yes please do it!

But also do it with friends & family that do not have the same online footprint.

I understand the face to face contact these days are limited, but there is text, emails & (wait for it) old school dialing a phone!

I am placing all of my hopes & dreams in you.

I need you to be a wonderful friends & share with the world.

No one has ever gotten any success by just sitting by themselves alone in the dark. You are all my light & I cannot do this without you. I can be successful if only you click, like, follow & share.

Smile today like no other!

Thanks everyone for the love & the support.



One more side note that has nothing to do with the above:

Comments are welcome!

I would love to hear your thoughts on any of the posts.

If you become a member on the Just Another Manic Funday website, there is a forum where you can chat away with other members about topics or the blogs....even if you just want to talk with someone or me!

Keep in mind if you don't have anything nice to say.....keep it to yourself.

We are all about positive vibes here!





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