Coffee & Confidence ~ Tinkle


OH my! I have to share hasn't changed my life but I do think about it every time I use the porcelain throne.

Last week listening to the Radio during my morning coffee I heard them talking about how when ladies tinkle they shouldn't force it out, but just allow it to flow gently.

Like WHAT???

The Radio personalities went on to say that if women do force tinkle that can create a weak bladder & serious holding the tinkle issues! Like if you race tinkle as you age doing this can actually make you wet your pants.

Okay so my question of the day is..... how on earth had I never heard this before??

Every single one of us use the Washroom & 'make water' & we don't talk about this??

Let's chat a smidge about this then.

I have to admit I do have a smaller than most bladder. I mean I got to use the washroom more than most on a road trip or in everyday life. That may be because I do love water & usually drink a whole bunch, but it could also be chalked up to the billions (4) of children I have had. They do say the more you have the more likely it is to cause some damage to the bladder. But honestly I just chalked it up to the just having to use potty more as I am so very old. Really though it may have actually been from the fact I have not ever taken the time & sprinted to the end as fast as possible.

I have had accidents like I was a little child... I am not going to fib here, friends. It is not uncommon for me to hold it too long & not quite make it in the door. There were of course some super epic moments where the tinkle couldn't wait.

For example!

The fam jam & I were at the local (Spokane) Jack in the Box for dinner before we went to Wal-Mart for camping groceries. My daughter & I have this sort of routine of chatting & giggling to each other & it can really get on my spouses nerves. So all day prior to this dinner, the hubs had been saying 'shoot me in the face now' every time my daughter & I started performing. So sitting at the Jack in the Box, eating our dinner I had to go tinkle, but because there was a questionable character looming around in the restaurant & because I am always paranoid a little more in the states, I decided to wait until Wal-Mart.


As we were about to leave my daughter & I struck up our routine & my husband said 'thank goodness we are going to Wal-Mart' & to that I looked my daughter in the face & said 'for a new face?'. My dear sweet girl started laughing & said 'no Mom, a gun!'. I mean in my defense here, Canadian Wal-Marts don't sell firearms...okay?! They don't sell faces either, but that was more logical of the two in my brain. But that one comment set us off & all of us started laughing so hard, my bladder wanted to be a part of this moment with releasing the tinkle too!! Yes FOLKS....I peed my pants at the local fast food place right in the doorway!

Now is this because I held it too long?? Maybe!

Or is it because I am a race pee'er? Maybe!

To be honest that example above is likely due to the fact that I just held it too long. It did create an incredibly funny or I should say hysterical moment, but an 40+ woman tinkling in her pants is a little embarrassing also. It is okay though because I am over it & we now have a memory forever.

I have likely destroyed my bladder from the race to go to the washroom. In my mind & I am not sure why, but I have always felt that I don't have time for this pun intended. I just go & finish as fast as possible. The less time I spend on the porcelain the better in my mind. I dunno....kind of lame if you ask me. But in this last couple of weeks post radio information, I think about taking my time while I am sitting there.

As ladies you know the rules:

  • wipe front to back

  • clean area often

  • maintain (take that how you want it)

But nowhere in all my years did anyone tell me to SLOW down!!

I have a friend that we used to work with & she was always making comments about how we (the coworkers) tinkle so fast. Hey! When you push - it just goes faster. But maybe she was on to something....don't force just let it go naturally. I mean I should have listened to her all those years ago. But like I said, I just didn't have time for that!

Did you learn something today?

If not, then maybe you need to share this with the women around u! No one shared it with me! I certainly wish they had as it may save me from adult women Depends!

I am sorry for all the gents who have just read this, but hey guys you could teach a lady in your life about this. The more you & them know!

It is also imperative that we know how to go to the washroom! This is a life lesson that can save us & possibly make those wonderful adult diapers go out of business. That I know is a strong maybe!

Take the time.

Slow down.

Save your clothes (bahahahaha).

Tinkle in patience.





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