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Coffee in one Hand; Confidence in the Other: It Is A Feeling!

Love is an emotion.

Anger is a feeling.

Hate is a sentiment.

Excitement, pretty, butterflies in your tummy, all of these you can feel with your soul.

But what I really want to talk about is Fat!

Men may not get this, but us ladies certainly will.

All of us can feel large, displaced, bloated & fat.

I may not necessarily look like it, but I sure can feel it.

Fat is a feeling.

Why haven't we accepted the feeling?

How is it we always try to correct the person who says that they feel fat?

Do we correct them when they say they are happy? or sad??

NOPE; we do not.

So let's dive into this a little more!

I think that anyone is allowed to have any type of emotion. It is absolutely okay to have the feeling of being an underachiever or even to fail at something. We 'older' & ‘wiser’ folk would explain the situation of disappointment & try to help them figure out a solution or even what there was learned from all that emotion.

But when someone says they feel bloated, I along with everyone else is like, 'no you look great'.

Or how about when something epic a magical moment happens & there is pure elation?

We all smile, love & celebrate their achievement with them.

But when it comes to feeling fat, we do not even a little bit do this!

So this is where I explain!

We need to allow this emotion of fat to be justified with every single other emotion that we all have!

Content, sad, fat, excitement, & so on!

For so long women have had to compare themselves to the unattainable others of the world & these role models we have looked up too may have been a little too much on the unrealistic side of body image. This is very, very true. We note how they look & hold them to a higher standard, but then we do not place that same upon us.

Here is the thing though!

I betcha that those people you emulate are also in the same boat as you. They also have insecurities, they too have the same monthly visitor, & they also have days where they feel extremely fat.

The difference between us & them is that we only see what they want to show us, & who wants to display their weakness for the world to see. Ummmm, well I have, but not everyone is me!

We do see a little more of the role models humanity now more than ever. However, when someone famous that you adore brushes out their cellulite on their butt for pictures, it does make it harder to believe that they too are containing the same emotions as you.

Just so you know; they are human despite what we see & read.

I, like every other woman on this earth, suffer from the days I feel fat. This usually happens for me after a night of drinking, or junk food or when I am that close in my cycle.

I have often said to my sons 'Ugh I feel Fat today', & they always reply 'Mom, you are not fat at all'. Although I know that I am not a barge, I do still FEEL it. It is my emotion.

And you know what?

It is OKAY, for me to feel that way.

Fat is a feeling!

It is a complete faux pas these days to tell someone they are not skinny. Body shaming is a serious thing. But have we ever thought that if they themselves say they are indeed Fat, that this isn't a form of ridicule? It is truly how they feel, & they are entitled to!

This is where all the love & embracing yourself should come in. YOU bet it is okay for you to reference yourself in this manner. There is no shame or harm to use this word to show your emotion.

You get to use this word for YOU & not any other person can make you feel this way or use this word to describe you.

When I speak to my daughter who has been dealt this same body image issue as everyone of us. I make sure she knows I FEEL big!

I made the error with her years ago in saying how I am fat. However, recently I started saying I feel fat. She is slowly coming around too & is starting to realize that there is a difference between descriptor & feelings.

This has been a learning curve for both of us to move past the ‘I am Fat’ to the ‘I Feel Fat’.

I don't want her to have the same 20's as I did. I thought I was big & I was obsessed about it. So that is why now I use a whole different type of terminology. I have feelings, & some days I feel great, tiny, happy & I think I look great. But then there are others & those days I do not feel amazing at all. How I look may not have changed from yesterday, but today I do not have the same outlook.

I can own that my feelings have changed from one day to the next!

Fat is a Feeling!

When your friend says 'I feel fat', maybe we should be trying a different response! You know like one that goes a little like this; 'Why do you feel that way?'

This not only gives them justification on how they feel, but a sense of your support.

We are not alone in this feeling.

Never EVER!!!

Then there are those of us that likely see this as not only a sentiment but something that they are. This is not true.

People have for far to long been judged by their size & we have encouraged this throughout history.

Time to change your point of view.

YOUR size is not a feeling! Who you are as a person is how we see you. Not what you wear, or the shape of your body. This is where you have to start to realize that you too (maybe more than others) feel the same.

You are Not, it is a feeling!

Make yourself good from the inside out. Treat yourself to the knowledge that despite the size of the person, we ALL feel the same.

You see me as one size, but do you really spend time with me, or read this blog because of that size?? NOPE!

You read this as I am funny, witty & I am a really great person (or I try)! LOL!

So do not define yourself as a characteristic that does not exist!

Fat is not a personality trait!

Basically I am saying just FEEL it!

Although there are always the individuals out there that crave the confirmation of confidence in saying you are not fat! But ladies.....if they are searching for the 'Not Fat' comment from you, there are likely other self esteem issues there. Give them what they need, as building each other is better than tearing down. Allow them to get what they need from you!

I personally am not searching for any compliments here, what I want is for all of us to acknowledge that this indeed is a feeling.

I want to give it justification.

We can feel large, bloated & fat.

So when you have your coffee in one hand & confidence in the other, own your days of feeling a little bit of fat.

YOU are absolutely allowed!

My challenge for you all today is that you own your feelings. All of them!

Be YOU & do not hide anything you wear on your heart.

There is no way each & everyday of your life you have felt subpar, & you know that.

If you have a grasp on all of your emotions life will be a smidge happier.

There is nothing wrong with telling people how you feel regardless of the emotion attached to it.

You are allowed to be YOU with all of your feels involved.

YOU feel Fat? Then, You FEEL it!!

Just Another Manic Funday Moment, brought to you today by my muffin top waist.

Smile friends, I just owned my feelings!!





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