Coffee in one Hand; Confidence in the Other ~ You, Me, Us as Women: Shhh this one was a Secret

So there was a day not too long ago that my eldest son asked why my daughter (his sister) was irritable.

I looked into my son's eyes, & said; 'When women are getting close to their periods they get irritable & honestly a little more grumpy than usual.'

His reply; 'Yeah, I can always tell when you are Mom. Because that is when things that don't normally bug you, start to piss you off.'

His point is not that far off the mark, but really I was a little shocked by the fact he even noticed. Most guys in my life don't always notice too much, so I figured they had no idea. I don't share it with them as I do not want my sons to know when I am close to my 'baby box' prepping itself to explode.

I looked at my tall boy & said this; 'Son, it is a well guarded secret & I will tell you this. When my PMS is kicking in, I know I am being irrational, but it feels kinda good, like a release. No woman will ever tell you this, & no woman will admit this. Basically buddy, don't even tell your sister that you know. Or don't ever tell you girlfriend or spouse this. It will make them even more mad than they are at that moment. It is kiddo, a woman's secret that I just let you in on.'

He was a little surprised by this comment. In fact he laughed that I had given him the 'disclaimer' about how not to repeat this.

He shook his head with a....'I don't get it'.

Now, I am not sure about all of you but have you ever really thought about this?

I know it is all hormones talking when I get mad, frustrated & want to cry about many things, but don't you feel better after? Do you not feel satisfied somehow?

I am not justifying this behavior, because come on ladies we all know better.

I am however, maybe making us a little more apparent in it.

Anyone read the Book 'The Red Tent by Anita Diamant'?

Well if you haven't you should, but besides that.....makes your wonder what the tent was really for? Just kidding I know what it was for, but would it not be great to go away every cycle & not do anything life oriented? Maybe even a little before it all comes crashing down?

One thing is for sure.

Don't be abusive in your words as they can hurt. Don't make anyone feel not worth anything less than what they are as amazing people. But definitely do not do something you can not fix.

I always try to keep my mind clear when I am close to my 'pal'.

However, I do not always succeed at this.

So next best thing....I make sure I apologize if I have 'lost' it on one of the poor souls that have to live with me through it all.

Realizing that I have just told our secret to everyone, please just know that I am just making sure that I am trying to educate other people who may not know what is going on with us women & maybe they can find a way to assist us.


Yell outside.

Get mad at something like an inanimate object.

Watch a sad movie.

And one last thing.

Sorry ladies, I put it out there.






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