Coffee in One Hand: Confidence in the Other ~ You, Me, Us as Women ~ Introduction

I got a few series on the roll for all of us.

Seclusion: all about our changed world & how we are coping here in our home.

The Hard Truth: the personal journey of my life.

Amazing People: Interviews with people & their own tales to tell.

But I realized more & more that I was being pulled into the direction of writing one on our female plights. The trials & celebrations of who we are as fierce women!

There needs to be more talk about the reality of being who we are.

This is going to be about You, Me, Us as Women!

Coffee in one hand & building confidence in the other.

The female drive has started & is ever going forward.

It all recently gained momentum again with the #METOO movement & it has been a great precursor to all of what girls, women & many others have had to go through.

However, there are still many things we as women do not converse about, or we suffer through alone.

Why do we do this alone?

Why don't we talk about all our internal issues & place it out there?

There should be more of a community than secrets alone in the dark.

I am starting this community NOW!

We have up to this point been an amazing group of women who have stood up to sexual harassment, & wage differences. But we need to talk more about self-esteem? mid life crisis? changing marriage views? children? faith? dreams? age? roles?

How about where we are as just normal everyday women?

We need to rally as a group of strong individuals that can shout & support for all of our teammates.

No more tearing down, it is about building up.

We are only ever restricted by us (our own individual fights).

I am not alone in my changing views, or my evolving life, & no other lady should be either!!

I have mentioned before that the last few years have been extremely difficult for me.

I was in a dark place with no light.

I could not see the positivity in anything when the darkness loomed.

Healing has been a journey & then some.

But why was it that when I was lost I did not want to mention this to my friends, my confidants?

It should have been something that I felt comfortable releasing into my tribe of ladies & to have them rally support behind me.

Because I didn't, they couldn't.

Restricted by me.

Why do we as women do this?

I believe, & it is only my opinion, we do this because we are taught that we are to be perfect with no flaws. The mother, the wife are the strong ones. They don't break.

Guess what people.... I am broken with a whole bunch of flaws.

AND...we are going to talk about them.


Let's change our view a little more & make it about how we really are.

Move the restrictions we have on our gender.

Not who we are told to be.

Let's be who we are supposed to be.

Be you, no shame & love every minute of it Women!!

Put you Coffee in one hand & we are going to build confidence in the other.

I am a woman & you are about to hear me ROAR!





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