Comfort Blanket

Sit in the comfort zone & never push yourself in a different direction.

Or.... remove the comfort blanket & try something completely new.

I recently reached out to a successful blogger who offers courses & podcasts helping start up bloggers like me. I was & have been super proud of all I have accomplished with Just Another Manic Funday, but to be super honest I have been a little frustrated with the lack of following.

I thought that when I started this it would all be a piece of cake & fall into place right away.

I also have written about the aggravation of waiting for the readership & monetary value to come with my adventure.

You followers that do read my little blog, have been great in advice.

I have gotten a whole lot of support like:

  • Good things come to those who wait.

  • Well written post.

  • It is coming for you.

  • I am not sure why you are not successful yet, this is amazing.

I appreciate all these comments & that all of you take the time to give me words of affirmation. It keeps me motivated.

I also love that there are people who just read the blogs. I know that you are out there & I love that too.

In saying all of this, it is wonderful but slightly disappointing. I would like to make this a livelihood & in order to do that I have to think outside of the box & leave what I have established as my warm comfortable blanket.

It is so very comfortable...In fact I love the blanket.

Who actually likes to venture out of routine & step out of the box?

I am all about routine, & just want to keep doing what I am currently doing.


Once I got my site up & this all started I just kept doing what I was doing with small minor adaptations throughout this whole journey.

The problem with the comfort blanket, is I don't grow or change my ways.

Change is always frightening, but loving growth, I took a page from my dear friend in Montreal Elizabeth & decided to reach out to this someone who may inspire me in the correct direction. She is a successful blogger & influencer & honestly I have no idea if she would even reply to my message. This was a huge step & it was a chance to see if there were any adaptations that I could do to make all of this a little more successful.

I took the blanket off & chose growth instead of comfort.

Shocking to me, she has kind of taken me under her wing & given me guidance & some direction. I have also gone forward with taking a couple of her courses so I can head in the direction I want & leave the stagnant behind. With her assistance I am feeling a little overwhelmed & excited with the possibility of a breath of fresh air for Just Another Manic Funday.

Although the changes are going to be a lot of work, & I have to do this all on my own I have to admit that I am a little worried & can't help but allow the negative narrative to sneak in.

What makes people in this sector capable?

Do they feel like they too have had to step out of their box?

How frightening was it to do all of it?

Did they know what your theme was when they started this?

These questions hold me back a little.

What is my Theme?

Am I capable?

I wrote a blog back in September about some changes coming, & although I was ready to go forward with them, the issue came up that I was not 100% ready to commit to them. I was unsure of my direction for my little blog, & I was intimidated by the successful bloggers out there.

Knowing all this kept me under my blanket of comfort & I choose not to remove it.

I was very scared.

This Blogger has told me the changes I need to make & has given me a whole bunch of constructive criticism (which I love), & she has given me a little nudge to move forward. I am certainly glad that I took the initiative to contact her & that she will give me the push to get out of the comfort or my snuggle blankey.

I have to listen to the feeling in my bones. I know that I am made to do this.

Positive versus negative.

I can put in the effort & grow & except change & the hard work that comes with it.

This has given me the chance to realize that I can do this.

I can make it successful only if I want too & I want this!

Basically what I am saying is if you too are in the world of uncertainty then try. Small step or a large comfort blanket, it doesn't matter. Give change a try!

So this time when I say there are exciting things coming.... it is true.

Stand by my dear readers, it may be bumpy for a bit but it will be worth it.

I am blessed to have all of you!

Grow, Move Forward & just Try!





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