Coming Soon to a Blog Near YOU!

I have been doing this now for a few months & to be super honest .... I AM LOVING THIS!

There have been a few bumps on this journey of self discovery, love, adventures & a whole lotta smiles.

Some of the bumps are epic!

Some of them are simple!

Some of the bruises are somber!

And some of them are just growing pains!

But most of all, this is where I am supposed to be doing what I was made to do.

When you take a chance like this & place yourself out in the world, you never really know what is going to happen or if it will even take you anywhere. For me, it may be small accomplishments, but listen here ... They are all mine.

I have been blessed to come in contact with my Enchanted Connection friend in Montreal, Elizabeth! This by far has been the most epic bump so far.

We have chatted a couple of times, & to be honest, we are likely the same person. She has her own small business in Quebec & we both bounce off ideas to the other on how to make this more viable for both of us. I adore her & her input.

The simple ones I treasure. It makes my heart flutter when I have a friend that reaches out to me out of nowhere & tells me how much they are enjoying my blog & writing. This doesn't happen often, but it happens enough to make me just feel a little reassured that I am indeed doing the right thing. Thank you all those friends that have secretly been building me up over these last few months.

The bruises are always a little harder to handle. There has been a bit of Hate sent my way, & it makes it tragically hard to handle at points. I get that this might not be your thing, & that you may not like it, but the words do not need to be said to me. There is no reason to tell anyone why or what you hate about anything that is a personal dream of theirs. On top of that, there is the hackers, always trying to get into my blog & take over. I am not sure what the point would be to take over little old me? I am just a Canadian girl just trying to write & find my happiness. I got no money people.....there is nothing but words on a page.

Lastly there is the growing pains. I know when I set out to do this, it was honestly just a personal journey for me. I sought out advice & feedback from many people & friends. Almost all of the feedback has been greatly appreciated & even some of it has helped. However, when this all started for me, I don't think I anticipated the amount of work it was going to take on building a website or how much I needed to write to keep people engaged. I am by far not complaining, I am just shocked that although I am making no money by doing this, it has become a full time job. If only I could find a way to make money. All of which I am working on!

Basically what I am saying is that this thus far has been a journey that I did not expect.

My following is growing slowly & although I did not know what to expect, it has been all very rewarding.

So moving forward there are some changes coming.

The input from individuals I have received I am going to try & apply it in the next month or so, you will see just a little more of me. (Teaser moment!)

I still have lots to write about & lots of things to share & with these changes it will be subtle but will hopefully just enhance the Just Another Manic Funday experience for you all.

I want to take a quick moment & say a big THANK YOU!

Thank you to all my friends that read this!

Thank you to all that make a quick comment!

Thank you to my friend the editor (you know who you are even if you are not an editor)!

Thank you to everyone that has given me sound advice & listen to me wallow on the difficulties!

Thank you to my amazing daughter who always gave me input or ideas!

Thank you to my husband who did eventually read the blogs but supports me regardless.

Thank you to everyone who has taken a minute to tell me if I suck or if this is even any good. This one has been the best out of all of them, it makes me know I am on the right path.

I have often said that 'My story is no more unique than the next.

What I can tell you is that my journey is however, my own. ' & everyone this is my journey!

Stay Tuned for a little more happiness, smiles & adventures.





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