Do It Yourself ~ Adventure!

The radio silence has been because I have been doing a little updates in our humble abode.

Sometimes you get stuck in a rut & you just cant find a way out. In this instance my rut was our 20 year old home that has had next to no updates....well folks I decided it was time to change the rut.

Despite what you may perceive about me, our house it not nearly as trendy as me. It is totally 100% built & looks like something out of the early 2000's.

So folks this is one of those things that I have decided to take on to create a little smile & sense of accomplishment in my life.

I was recently watching Home Edit on Netflix & although I would say that I am for the most part a pretty organized person. There are places in our home that have been neglected or even left from any type of updating.

So thanks to Joanna & Clea, it is time for some simple changes around here.

Follow along, & here we go!

1st up is the Kids Bathroom.

It is 'little' kid decorated right now, & with the youngest being 16, I don't think the little fishy shower curtain is ideal. I mean it is cute right??

Here is the thing with the Bathroom; I was looking on Bed Bath & Beyond (online) & there was a few really nice, trendy & durable decor on there. But unbeknownst to me, the American site is waaaaaaay cheaper than the Canadian. Also with the borders being closed it isn't like I can head down there & just buy it. So being that I did not want to pay up to 30$ more here in Canada, I decided to put this on hold. Until IKEA!

Heading through there last night while looking for a few other idea's, I found something simple, & decent enough for our boys to use & now that I have found that I just need to think about possible paint colors for the bathroom. Waiting on my friends who is interior design to come & visit me in November, so we can do this together.

However,in the meantime here is the pics of the updated shower accessories!

Before & After!

Next was to tackle my office.

I have one of those old school cube shelves form IKEA!

However, it is short, & honestly I can not display anything pretty on it as really was 100% covered in books.

So it was time to update this space too.

We moved the old cube shelf downstairs to use for storage down there & to eliminate some clutter spots that my husband had in a variety of different containers.

Then off to IKEA again to buy a new, taller shelf that allows me to show my girly accessories that have been hidden in a box for years & I got a slew of teacups that people need tor see.

So with the changes came to trying to finding a new home for all the books that were located on the original bookshelf. I do love to read, but the kicker is that these days I do it all on my Kobo, & of all the books I did have there were only a few that I know I will re-read, so I had to figure out what to do with the ones that I knew I would not read again.

So the challenge was to find a new home for some of my books that I have had for over 30 years. After the research I found a book consignment place here in town & we took 2 large bins of books to them. They took a whole chunk of books for cash & the ones they didn't we just donated.

Next in the world of my office space was to figure out how to rid myself of the ugly filing cabinet. This proved to be harder than I thought it would be.

I didn't want to go out & buy a 'new' filing cabinet, but at the same time I needed something to keep some of our personal documents in. So after some serious research I found us a cute little Ottoman at Lowe's and have converted it into a filing cabinet. BOOM! Yes I did.

The other issue was that in our office we had this ginormous brown leather chair & foot stool. I loved that chair, it was super comfy, but it was very big & took up almost the whole space. Sooooo believe it or not, we got rid of that chair & I found one on Wayfair for dirt cheap. I always love sitting in this room during the winter & drinking coffee so the chair was a requirement.

I made sure that we sold what we could, & have reused or donated too. I wanted very little to go to the dump.

Here is the before & after.

Moving on to the next part of our house.....THE KITCHEN!

This was where Home Edit helped. I enjoyed watching the transition of all the kitchen spaces & I figured it was time to make our pantry look the same.

Here is the organized pic of the pantry.....

My next Kitchen job was to make a coffee bar. SO I did! We are trying to save for new backsplash & new counters....but that will have to be in time as it can be quite costly.

In the meantime....UPDATE the look & we got a great little coffee bar eh??

Next was the kitchen table.

We had that matchy matchy kitchen table from the late 90's with the white legs & it wasn't quite round or square. So very outdated. Also we had benches on the long side of the table & although they served a purpose when the kids were young, they did cause issues when guests came by to visit as there was no back rest. So off the benches go & found us some decent chairs. Then with some of the money I had gotten from selling items on Facebook Marketplace we were able to get a custom painted table.

I LOVE it! It is a nice dark blue & round. It does come with a leaf, for when we are more than 5 people, but for the 4 of us at home right now, it is just perfect. Please use the cat as a reference for size...LOL!

Moving on to the next project we moved our old Hutch into the fam jam room for the TV, & then got a smaller little console table. This was to create more room in the house. I honestly can not believe the amount of space we now have in our home. It is amazing. However back to the moving the TV stands & such. We had such a old TV stand from Ikea that even Ikea was like that is OLD! And with us buying a new couch late last year we could not see all the TV while sitting as the the stand was low & the couch arms were higher. Sooooo? I moved the mid century hutch for the TV.

Here we are......

New Console Table!

Old TV Stand & the New!

Once I sat down & did up what was spent versus what we earned from selling we actually only paid 350$ out of pocket. I personally think that is amazing!!

The best part though....I ain't done!

There is more to come & more hacks to share.

You have questions, let me know!

I believe that all of you can do this too!

Give it a try & make your place new again.


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