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Each Other - All Of Us

What happens when you have lost your motivation & inspiration?

Sit & Ponder!

Wonder Why?

And Write?

I guess I don't have a whole lot of stuff going on these days with the world living out a movie plot, so why not write about what is going on in my mind today & why it has been lost & it is a struggle to be found.

Last week & in fact the last 2 months I have been gusto on the whole project from the webpage, to the writing itself. This has been a wonderful experience. It has kept me busy, happy & fulfilled.

But this last weekend we suffered an unexpected loss & all the positive push I had deflated from my lungs.

Before you worry that it was something detrimental from the world we currently live in, it was not.

We lost our 18 month old kitten to an enlarged heart which was creating his lungs to fill with fluid.

Not to take anything away from anyone who has lost a loved one or is suffering during this pandemic Those people deserve the utmost respect & embrace.

But the loss of our kitten was unexpected & was just enough for me to feel exhausted, deflated & disheartened.

This is life. Right?

Happiness, then move on to sorrow.

Motivated to un-driven.

Elation & then despair.

Not that the current events around us all are creating enough of a defining struggle. The stress, the grey area of the unknown & uncertainty. We as a community do however, have outlets & abilities to overcome this trying time. These help to move past the difficult moments & although this is all terrifying, I haven't been too worried about us personally as of yet. We are all safe & we are following the rules installed for all of us.

But for our family, for me, this one moment on Sunday evening is pulling me down & is holding me there.

We have all lost in some form or another.

Loss of the favorite jeans ( I still miss mine greatly).

Loss of family.

Loss of friends.

Loss of a pet.

Loss of the shoes, loss of a necklace, ring, book, pen.....

It isn't just about the life aspect of loss.

We all lose, just plain & simple.

Big, small, insignificant, important....we all experience it.

It isn't just about the loss, it is about the recovery. It is about how you overcome something negative that has happened & affected you.

For me, I write about it.

Hence what I am doing right now.

For someone else it may be talking about it.

It could be spending time with family.

Or just plain old acceptance (like with the jeans).

I accept the fact that our young kitty was not well & he had to be put down. But that doesn't mean that it makes it all better.

What are some of the ways you cope?

How do you handle something devastating?


If I can overcome some of the challenges of my youth, & in the last couple of years. Then I certainly can get over this hump too. I am just waiting for the new normal without him to kick in. The same as the adaptability of change we all have had to face these days.

I guess we all can move on & forward.

It just takes some adjustment.

On the news & radio, non stop these days is: 'We are all in this together.'

But haven't we always been.

We have all experienced hurt, loss & despair.

We have all experienced joy, love & excitement.

We have always been in it together.

We just haven't always been there for each other.

Let's change this.

Be there for me, I will for you & let's create together.

Loss of any type is worth talking about.

So moving forward is fundamental.





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