Eccentric! Yup!

Just so we all can get to know each other better.

What is that one thing that sets you apart from everyone?

Personality? Physically?

The first thing that sets me apart from most people, is that I am severely allergic to Mushrooms.

YUP! Mushrooms! They can kill me like no other. I did like them once upon a time, but now it is nothing but a death, murder type relationship.

There has to be something about you that is different?

Eccentric & a little odd.

There is a chance that there is people with the same unique-ness like qualities, but they are likely hard to find. So in you immediate friend group....what makes you a little quirky?

How about you?

Although we are all so very similar, we are also very different.

But there will always be someone that has the same as you, even if you never meet them.

So maybe these fun facts about me, you can either find a similarity or a difference.... and discover how unique you truly are.

I love Orange.

Fave Animal is Panda.

I hate Winter.

I live in Canada (where it is winter 8 months long).

I love Pacific time zone.

I love tattoo's

Fave food is Vietnamese & Pizza.

I name everything like my bed, computer and car.

I am a Starbucks girl, through & through.

I am a avid name brand shopper (but I always attempt consignment shopping 1st).

I can be super moody.

I love volleyball.

I Adore FOOTBALL (miss it so much these days).

I hate heights.

I despise scary movies.

Chocolate is NOT my thing.

Popcorn is my go to snack!

So maybe you are like me...maybe you are not.

But there is something that makes you Eccentric!

What is it?

Be you....but not alone either.

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