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Embrace IT!

Okay, so you all know I have complained about my aging.

Grey Hair.

Brittle Nails.

Sagging skin.

Fine lines.


As everything has begun to reopen & had my 1st hair appointment in 3 months.

I decided to make a big change & embrace a (almost) natural me.

I am pretty much grey naturally & in all honesty I got little color left.

There are 2 factors that went into this.

  1. I have a friend who is around my age. I hadn't seen her in awhile & when I did have a chance to catch up with her, she was proudly wearing her hair all natural grey. I was soooooo very impressed with her gutsy-ness to do this & that she looked still so young. Okay....I can maybe do this too!

  2. Because of my grey - silver roots I was doing my hair every 4 weeks. It was getting pretty expensive. It was a constant root touch up sprays & hoping to never wear my hair up so people cannot see the roots. Basically this was an easy one as who knows how much I have spent on my hair over the save a little!

So my wonderful stylist & I are working on going grey!

It will be phases of course as I didn't want the natural halo around my head.

But we started it all.....Take a Look!

Eventually the plan is to go forward & only have to add some lowlights to make sure i am not prematurely aging myself. I do want to look young, not old. So the process has begun.

I am the Old one....the other is my cute daughter.

It is time that I be me! I need to start being the person I am now, not who I was then.

And now.....

All of this brings me to another topic about grey hair.

Most of you may know the brand "Brunette - The Label".

I personally love them!

I am maybe (wishful thinking) brunette naturally.

At least before the grey took over.

But I do own a Brunette sweatshirt, & my daughter has a Blonde one.

We love them....comfy, warm & super cute & stylish.

"Brunette - The Label" carries a variation of hair colors.



Jet Black

Red Head

But can you guess what I am going to ask for???

How about a Grey line of wear?

I mean come on, not all Grey haired beauties are people who don't wear your clothes.

I WILL!! I 100% guarantee it!!

If I am going to embrace the Grey then I should be proud and wear it. Right??!!

Just throwing it out there..... hoping to tag the company & maybe helping them come up with something for us beauties.

Just a suggestion....

I think what I am saying through all this, is it maybe a time now for you to embrace something about you??

Who are you?

What do you want to do?

Do something that makes it the authentic you!

Embrace it!





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