Good Morning Friends!

What is your favorite part of the day?

When you get home from work?

When you sit & do nothing after dinner?

Working out?


The drive to or back from work?

The walk in the front door?

Work itself?

It is all about the Mornings!!!


It truly is my absolute fave!

I have mentioned this before, but here is the part that I haven't told anyone.

I am sad when it is over.

But let me backup for a minute.

It isn't when my alarm clock goes off, or even as I get ready for the day. It is when I have my coffee (latte really) in my hand & I can either sit outside or in our front room just loving life.

This is the best time of my day! I can see the changes in the weather, & admire the sunlight. I can reflect on what has to be done & needs to be accomplished in the day. I can plan what I want to do & when to do it. Basically the day, every morning with that coffee in my hand has soooo much hope & potential.

But it isn't just the reflective state.

It is so much more!

I love the energy & the happiness that comes with that coffee in my hand.

I will dance & or sing listening to the radio, all while getting a shake of the head from whatever family member has to endure it.

Most days my youngest son doesn't even know what to do with my over the top enthusiasm for the gift of that morning & he is the one that gets to see it the most.

It is a rare occasion that I am not all smiles in the morning.

Very, Very Rare!

As the day progresses I realize that the hope fades & that I look forward to going to bed. All of this so I can restart the next day with that coffee in my hand & a dance in the kitchen.

You want to see a little more agitated me come on over around 4pm!

The happiness just leaves a little more & more as each hour passes.

It isn't that I am not pleasant or become an angry or mad person, it just fades a little over the day.

But those mornings!! I LOVE THEM!!

What part of your day gives you hope?

What do you look forward to?

I am a self admitted optimist. In fact it drives my children nuts cause I always want to try & find the hope & positivity in everything. In the mornings this is waaaaaay worse. Just ask my daughter, she will tell you it just is sometimes contagious & sometimes it is just annoying.

But for the most part, it makes everyone else's day shine a bit brighter.

Here is a little story about my over the top morning personality.

I used to drive my daughter & her friend to Band in the morning back in the day. Usually it was singing, laughing & a whole lotta smiles en route to the school.

But then there was the one time my other half took them to school & my daughter's friend was asking him a bunch questions & all of his answers were singular words. Once the girls got out of the car, my daughter's friend looked at her & asked, 'Is your Dad mad at me?' to which my daughter said no & her friend then said, 'He just is nothing like your Mom in the morning'.

This is the truth.

Poor girl thought he was mad cause he is just the exact opposite of me.

No smiles for him in the morning.

I am not even sure how he handles me when we have to do something 1st!

Apparently his favorite part of the day is NOT the morning.

I get that not everyone is smiling when their eyes open, but there is a time of the day that you are in love with. That one part where you can be thankful, grateful & just simply happy.

Where does this moment fit into your day?

How is it your best part?

I have in the past found it hard to find my smiles in the morning especially when I am fighting some depression. It hits me like a ton of bricks regardless of where the sun is in the sky. But even through those particular downs in my life, I have always reverted to the mornings. They have the most hope for my adventures & smiles.

If anything, this is for you to reflect on where you strive the most. Take the moment & consider what your favorite part of the day is. If you can't think of one, create it. If you don't get to do this everyday then make it happen so it does!

Claim that time to be your happy moment!

There is something to be said about mental health & that part of the day where your Hope is Fierce & you have Love for Life!

Coffee & Mornings for me please!





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