Happy 1st Year!

I have officially written this post twice.

Once because I thought I would reflect on what I have learned (deleted) & this one.

It has been a whole bloody year since my website Just Another Manic Funday & 1st post was placed on the world wide web. Yes people a whole year!

Gosh I was so nervous that 1st day. Funny now how I was beyond the realm of ready to barf.

But really this all has been accepted by the lot of you & for that I am extremely grateful.

I honestly thought that after a few months I would catch on like wildfire & become some sort of superstar writer, but let's face it. That did not happen!

Am I okay with this? I mean we all have to accept the reality of situations & the reality is that my life may be worth reading, but it ain't a million dollar TV show. Not that I want to be a TV star....nope not at all. So weird because when I was a kid I did in fact spent a lot of time hanging out in front of my mirror talking to Jack from Young & the Restless....teehee! Practicing my dramatic pursuits.

But as life goes forward, things change.

So it may not have had the monetary return I so desperately desired, but it certainly has had the fill the void of social interaction & therapy.

Can’t see friends: write.

Cant see the therapist: write.

I was asked once if I had a process when I wrote. These type of questions always catch me off guard. I never really put much thought into the process of doing something, I just do it. Most of the time, I just sit my butt down & type. But as you all know, when someone asks something of you it is only a matter of time that you try to figure out if you do actually have a system to your madness. Guess what?? I do!

Took me a bit to find the answer, but I eventually got it.

It goes like this.....

I have a topic that I want to write about. I do little to no research, especially if it pertains to my crazy ass life. But when I start to write I can feel the emotions of my past & apply them as if it has occurred in my family & then I dwell on what I have learned. It sounds easy...& you know what??? It is!

The more & more I have done this blog, the more & more I realize that anyone can write. Maybe this is why I am not set apart from anyone else. It is okay though! I have accepted this part of my dear little blog.

When I was finishing high school I really wanted to go into News Reporting. Hey, I even started the program but decided to have babies instead. I had a friend remind me of that time of high school & 1st year post secondary & she recently asked me if I still wanted to be Stone Phillips from Dateline NBC….haha!! I forgot how much I adored him & the stories he told. I replied with aaaaaa….I think that dream has passed, but the story telling dream really hasn't. Right now the majority of the posts are about my life, however in the future I would LOVE to tell amazing individuals tales. So maybe I would be the writer Stone Phillips & not the as seen on TV personality. Let’s hope so!

If anything the ever evolving world that I reside in has taught me this past year, is that I need to do what I can to live a happy successful life & disappointment always happens. Yes my friends, I have to do what makes me happy but live with the expectations that have not been met.

So 1st year in the books & more to come but....

It may look a little different.

I may not post as often as I got other things to work on & I will not strive to have the financial freedom that I wanted so very bad from all of this. Acceptance is key!

I got to get a real grown up job! Yes people, I have to be an adult & contribute to the household. Crazy notion, but true.

I am a dreamer with a whole lot of hope. I admit that about me. I usually have my head so far in the clouds at times that I don't always see the realism in the world that surrounds me. I have a great group of people who generally give me a yank down when I need it. Thank goodness for them or we might be sleeping in our travel trailer. That would be extremely cold come winter! But for now it is off to adulthood for a bit....

Happy 1st Year JustAnotherManicFunday.com !

Or Happy 1st Year to me!

Or YOU......

Whatever it is....Happy 1st!

Thanks everyone for being a part of this amazing journey & hoping for more great stories to come your way.

As for the deleted post on the Anniversary…. I will sum it up with it was meh, blah & yawn.

Who always wants to read that!!

Try to live your dream!

Accept the failures & celebrate the wins!

This is my WIN!





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