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Hope, Faith, Believe: A New Year

Are you like me?

Do you realize that as the year winds down you hope for all the good things that didn't happen this year may possibly happen in the next?

Do you get excited for the new adventures & experiences you are going to have?

Are you ready & willing to say goodbye to the year where it didn't work out like you wanted it too?

I think we are all likely like this.

Maybe not as pensive as I am but we all are able to say goodbye to a year that has let us down & changed all our lives dramatically.

This year of 2020 is one of those years that we are probably more ready & willing to say goodbye to as it did not pan out even a little bit like we expected.

I am not sure it is the year I expected but it was a surprisingly pretty decent one.

My depression was at it's height in the spring of 2019 & the sessions of therapy that followed helped me immensely. I had sooo much hope in the New Year of 2020 last December & the anticipation that came with that was thrilling. But it wasn't going to be what I thought & from experience of friends & family & their personal struggles, I knew that this spring when the world changed it could have all set me back.

It didn't though.

Which of course is a good thing.

However, it did change & we & I all had to learn to cope in a new sense of the word.

Yes in April I was supposed to go to Mom's Weekend at my daughters American University.

Yes we were supposed to celebrate our oldest son's graduation with a banquet & dance & even with him walking the stage receiving his diploma (that is if he even got it).

Our youngest son & I were going to go & pick up my daughter & move her home for the summer. It is one of those things that my youngest & I use as great bonding time & we both love doing it.

Or how about how we were going to attend our friends annual Stampede Party, or Stampede breakfasts or camping in the States or Canadian Thanksgiving in America with our daughter & her roomies. Never mind we had no Canadian Football or got to sit in any type stands watching our beloved teams.

These are some of the things of 2020 that we were looking forward to too. But as you all know it did not turn out like that at all.

I guess what I am trying to say is what did you gain instead of miss?

I think it is important for every year not just this one to recall the moments that made us stronger or made us laugh. To review the disappointments & to realize that there is more than what we anticipated. Growth is key to life!

It has been that year of epic differences & changes that we haven't ever seen before, but did you still make the best out of it? Did you try?

So many of us did the painting, or updating things in the house.

Or new adventures with hair, nails or clothes.

Possibly crafts or baking.

You know stuff you would have never really considered doing because you didn't have to entertain your mind.

But didn't you grow from this?

What did you learn?

I certainly did both.

I learned, tried new things & found a simple piece of life.

Most of all though is we found a balance of family life.

Even though we live in a world with electronics in our faces, our little fam found a way to also come together & grow. I think this has been the most unexpected part of this year.

Normally the door is revolving & no one really takes the time to pause & listen or take the time to acknowledge each other.

With 2 adult children & one who is almost there we have always tried to do the dinner thing, but with the new world we were now in a position to actually take time with each other. There was no going out with friends on the weekends, no movies, no date nights & no socializing! AKA: this meant that us 5 had to create what we had to do to survive & entertain.

There was no Mom's weekend, but my daughter was home once they closed the border & she was a huge encouragement in making me start this blog.

My oldest son didn't get the graduation of years passed, but they did give him an original walking the stage moment. And thanks to Covid the kid did graduate; Didn't think this would ever happen!

My youngest son came camping with his parents & no siblings! What a way to get spoiled & loved just like he would have gotten if we went to move out his sister from the states.

The Summer Stampede party may not have happened but let me assure you we still had our own Stampede pow wow & we will just hold out hope for next years get together.

American College Football did happen & that along with a couple of Netflix football series got us through the serious withdrawal. It may not have been the same, but at least I was warm (outdoor stadiums) & I got a little bit of ball to ease my brain.

Basically what I am trying to say is that even though the year of 2020 didn't end up being what I expected, it did regardless turn out to be a more adventurous year than I could have planned.

Look forwards & not backwards.

But I have Hope for a new exciting journey.

It may not be what you want.

It can be what you need.

Things change & with change comes growth.

How did you make this past year for you?

What hopes do you have for next year?

Are you putting out there what you need?

Have you grown?

Or Changed?

I know things will be tough for a little longer, but the hope, faith & belief I have will always win over the difficult moments.

Always place the hope in the new & see what you learn from it?





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