I am Just Like Having a Moment

Hump Day?

Well... I had an enlightening moment this past January.

Hump Day was not what I thought it was.

Yes, I thought it completely meant that that was a day for intimate physical interaction.

Ummm NOPE!

I have had many of these moments where I was completely thrown off & had no clue that the true meaning was something completely different.

Everyone knows the Justin Timberlake song Bringing Sexy Back.

This is a case of my mind fixating on the only one ideal of what it could mean. I could not for the life of me figure out what was sexy about a back, & well after confiding in my husband that I did not find his back sexy, he looked at me like I had 4 eyes and a 'What are you talking about?', response. I then told him that JT's new song 'Sexy Back' & he shook his head with a sigh with a reply, 'It is; I'M BRINGING Sexy Back.' At that point the little light came on & I realized I had it all wrong. This is the complete truth, & needless to say, I am not a fan of the song now.

This is only one of many moments where I walked away with ‘What was I thinking?’

There is the way you live & how you think.

It is how you deal with it at the end that matters the most.

I tend to have an honest point of view when it comes to the world we live in & almost a little naive. I don't always see the opposite & sometimes less honest life & I don't always get it.

Here is another moment that I shared with my daughter.

While we (my daughter) & I were looking around for a cosmetic bag, we found one with shoes in it. I immediately thought that someone must have returned the bag with the shoes in it & they must have not realized that they were left in the bag. But once we found a sales associate who informed us that this is a very common way people steal shoes.

WHAT? Like people do this?

They take the shoes they want & place the shoes they wore into the store in a bag, box, & or luggage. Hmmm oops, I totally did not think of that, & we both felt a little foolish that neither one of us thought of this perspective. The associate could not help hide the look of astonishment on his face that we did not know that people do this.

I did not see any other alternative to this shoe confunckle. I was wrong of course, but this isn't how my brain works. It just wasn't in my reality to even think of this as a possibility.

I of course did the 'ahhhhh' & 'I get it' after he explained all of this to us.

But it just shows that I have complete faith in the world.

The naive part gets me often, especially when we are traveling in the States. Our daughter goes to post secondary in the USA & we are down there visiting her quite often. There is an abundance of like minded & differences between Canadians & Americans. However, I think some of the differences get to my poor Canadian brain. I usually can't comprehend some of their way of life.

Here is a story to go with this one:

We were a Jack in the Box having our usual 1st night there dinner. My daughter & I can quite often get on my husband's nerves, as we are quite 'Gilmore Girls '-ish. So during this dinner he kept saying 'Shoot me in the face now.' For the most part we just brush him off & continue to do what we do & that night we did.

So after dinner, we had cracked ourselves up yet again & he repeated what he mentioned earlier with; 'Shoot me in the face now, & it is a good thing that we are going to Walmart'. I was seriously soooooo very confused & I looked deadpanned to our daughter & said 'To buy a new face?'. She stared at me with this what the heck look & replied; "NO, For A GUN!"

Huh.... I didn't even think of that. Walmart in the States sells guns, Walmart in Canada does not. Now I know that they don't sell faces too, but honestly, that was the only logical answer in my head.

Get it, I am completely naive to the world I may be standing in.

But let's be super honest, we all have those moments of pure enlightenment.

We all do this.

What & how do you handle it?


Get mad?

I mean the above does not make me look overly intelligent.

It in fact could make me look a little on the shortsighted side of things.

But really, it makes me laugh.

Being able to laugh at yourself is the best way to handle anything.

They do say that laughter is the best medicine & I truly believe it is.

Laughter is contagious!

A smile is transmittable.

The real deal is being able to know this was not your shining star moment & to know you can share them with others & laugh at yourself regardless of being alone or with someone.

Although my stories above are with someone else beside me, it is those scholastic occasions that I have had all alone that have caused some of my best laughs.

I usually have my little minutes of disbelief & then I tell people.

Sharing the Ah-ha moment.

This morning there was one more!

I was scrolling the Social Media land last night & I read an article of Eminem. I enjoy his music & what he stands for (a person unique to himself), but it was at that point half way through the article that I realized that his stage name Eminem was actually a word made for his initials... M and M! Years & years of listening to his music & I just figured this out.


WOW! Did I giggle to myself.

So I told my daughter this morning that I figured this out. She then said that she had not thought of it before either, & this time we both laughed.

See laughter alone & shared.

Just like when I found out that Hump Day was because it was in the middle of the week. Not what I thought at all....but the truth is that makes complete sense.

Middle of the week!

Slow ascend to Wednesday & then a descend to Friday.

All leading to Weekend!

The morning I realized that Hump Day's actual meaning was not what I had thought. For all the years it has been around I had thought something completely different; I laughed hard, with belly aching & there were tears. Utter disbelief in myself. But truly hilarious.

I then told everyone what I just figured out...

Most people just roll their eyes & snickered.

Some know this is just me.

But at the end of the day, I laughed. They at least smiled & we can all share this moment as memories forever.

Laugh, smile & don't take yourself too seriously.





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