Idle, Inactive, Jobless & a Laugh

So my dear readers a couple of things.

  1. I am sorry for the delay in posts as I have been juggling a few different balls lately & that sometimes takes away from posting. I have lots written for here & other stuff I have been working on but sometimes life takes me away from what I want to be doing; like this.

  2. This post is a little different than others that I have done. Mostly due to the fact that I am now VERY, VERY actively looking for work instead of one very with small letters. So if any of you know of any open positions ....lemme know.

I hate applying for jobs.

It to me is so very time consuming. I do not ever get PFO letters or emails anymore. There is never any feedback on what you can change or how to make your resume or presentation of yourself any better & if they offer feedback rarely do they give it to you. For me it is all the hope that I will get the job & then WHAM...all hope is gone when I realize I haven't. See ya HOPE!

On top of this, it is all about the people you know these days. I may know a whole lot of people but....many of the jobs that my connections have suggested to me are ones that I am not qualified for or may be just a temporary fix. Although I always appreciate their input & ideas, they just are not always the right fit. So I have decided that although I am in need of employment & have been doing this for months, I am no longer going to be just some person on paper....I AM going to BE ME!

Soooo here is an example of the Cover Letter I sent yesterday for a job as an Administrator.

Hello & Good Day,

This may be a bit of an unconventional cover letter, at this point in the game I figured personality is all I got to showcase on top of my previous work experience. So here it is in a simple format to entice you that I may possibly be the best candidate for your Public Relations team.

Reviewing the job posting is always a bucket full of fun. On one hand I may have some of the qualifications you are looking for, but on the other hand I may not necessarily have them all.

Here, let me explain.

There is so much administrative & event experience that my poor little resume doesn’t even know how to contain it all. I got years & years (that makes me sound really old) of assisting, directing, handling, communicating & all within a various degrees of environments. There has been a Music School, Sports Therapy Clinic, Private Health Insurance & really a Marching Band. The band was one of those suckers for parent volunteering positions but secretly though I loved & adored it. So, I think this covers experience in the interpersonal skills, resourcefulness, enthusiasm & previous work knowledge .

While I worked with the fittest people ever at the Sport Therapy Clinic (which I loved working with them) I was the ‘one’ who ran it all. Contracts, payroll with QuickBooks, AP, AR, scheduling, meetings, events; you know it was overstimulating at times, but it truly brought out the best in me as I love being busy & a part of a team. GO TEAM!

One more pump-up moment. At the Marching Band I was the President of the band parents which let me be super honest here was sometimes like herding cats, however it was the best time ever! Handling over 150+ parents and coordinating their volunteer commitments. I had no choice but to be on that ball for organization, time management & multi tasking. Yes, it was gratifying as all. Who couldn't be appeased but seeing all these students be successful in this amazing program.

I have my own unsuccessful blog. Meaning it is really an outlet for me to write but there is not a lot of following there. But hey, I try! I did all the web development myself so big pat on the back there for trying new things & doing it. With my new knowledge on my own blog page & I got all of the Microsoft Office Suite down with the exception on PowerPoint. That may possibly be my high school son assisting me at that moment, but not timid in facing new challenges. The other meh qualification you might have mentioned is the agency setting. I may get a smidge close to this with the Claims position I had a few years back, but really it was only like 5 of us in the office, so maybe not. But I am willing to try if you are.

You know there are only so many jobs you can apply for with a ‘normal’ cover letter before you realize that there is way more to me than point form & a resume. Thought I would try something new. Maybe it worked, maybe it didn’t but either way…you never know until you try!

I hope you have a wonderful day & enjoy the sun!



What do you think readers?

Too Much?

I mean what do I have to lose?

I am not working & if they can't see my potential in my abilities on a 'normal' Cover Letter....then why not??

I love the saying 'why fit in when you were born to stand out'. I think this is where this letter style was stemming from. I didn't want to be a basic letter with hey this is me & this is what I can do. I wanted it to show personality & reflect who I am. If you are looking for boring or standard then please review my resume....maybe I will use that line on the next cover letter that I have to put together.

I am not very good at conforming in some facets of life. This is one of them....I don't want to be just some basic, bland, white paper. I am bold with some nuts & enjoy a little adventure. So that is now who I am on the damn Cover Letters.

Be you & don't be afraid of showing the world.

At some point there will be people who love & adore you for you.

Today is NO FEAR to step out of the box.






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