Imprinted People

There are so many people you meet through life.

Some are a glimmer of a one moment, but permanently embedded in your memory.

Some are for a long time, but not forever & they left a small mark in your life.

Some are there for a lifetime & have been there for you in support & love forever.

I am fundamentally a Christian.

I am not a fit mold type with my piercing's, tattoo's, sometimes crazy vocabulary & the idea that everyone can be who they are supposed to be. But I do believe in the work of God & his messages he has given to us. I also believe that everyone has the right to follow what they choose. I have many friends that are atheist, Wicca, & other faiths, but for them, they have every right to live a great life in the desired faith of their choosing.

I am not the judge or jury.

I am me & they are them.

I needed to start with this as there have been people who have impacted my life with a single moment that I am 100% positive that it was divine intervention.

There have been many financial struggles through our life, & at one of our lowest points of struggles, there was a gift from a gentleman.

I will never forget his face & or how it was there one moment & almost disappeared the next.

Standing outside of the school supply store, I knew we could only buy a couple of items for our 3 children. It was not in the budget for anything more. They were going to have to make do with nothing special & or having to use old torn items.

This was our truth & our children graciously accepted that fact.

However, as we walked into the store, a gentleman appeared & handed me a $100 dollar bill with a smile & a comment of 'I remember how difficult it was to pay for school supplies when my children were young. Here this is for you.'

I was shocked, even shook.

I didn't even know how to reply.

I hoped I said 'Thank You', but I am not even sure I said that.

I turned to our children their faces glowed & I turned back to the gentleman & he was gone.

Just like that, he disappeared.

It took me a few moments to realize that it was a moment of divine intervention. The gentleman was sent there to us to make sure we knew that God was with us, even in our times of struggles.

We spent a little more on items that could replace the worn ones, & we still walked out with money left over. In return, I bought some fast food gift cards & passed them forward to some of the cities homeless.

Once those gift cards were handed out, I kissed my fingers, pointed them into the air & said ever so quietly 'Thank You.'

His one single act of kindness will always be embedded in my memory forever.

If you look back upon people who you have known, it is actually quite amazing.

There are so many, more than anyone can truly count.

One brief encounter.

And one that was a friendship for a long time, however no longer in your world.

I was young, 19 in fact.

There was this amazing roommate, & we were quite close. We knew each other before we lived together as friends, & then ended being roommates for 6 months.

He lived his life working hard, being honest & true to himself.

However, he did have his own demons, as I did have mine. We lived well together, both cleaned, both watched out for each other, we even loved the cat.

Respectful of each other's spaces & choices.

I don't really remember how it all came up, but I do recall it being a stressful day for both of us. We were sitting in my room & he said, 'I don't want you to take this the wrong way, but you come across as a very rude person.'

I stood there mouth agape for a while. I know I was trying to decide between angry or understanding.

But when I really thought about it, I realized that between the way I was raised, the way I asked (or told) people to do things & the tone in my voice did not give any perception of gratuity.

It was this remarkable man that made me realize I never want anyone to think, that I am not thankful for the life others live, & the life I have.

Please & Thank You became part of my world in a more predominant way.

After we left that apartment, we went out separate ways & eventually his demons caught up with him. We spoke a little over the years, but we eventually lost contact, & it was his obituary that I saw he had passed away.

But even though we were friends for a few years of my life, his impact on my life has not been forgotten & I am always going to be grateful for him.

He left his mark.

A person with a push to make me better.

But the people who have surrounded you for many years are the ones we all search for.

I have always admired those people who still have hoards of friends from High School or University. They amaze me!

They are very lucky to have these connections with people who have been through all their life struggles with them.

I do not personally have many individual friends from that time of my life.

But I am ever so lucky to have one. That is all I need. Just one.

We became friends in High School, she knew my personal struggles with my home life. The challenges I had when I lived on my own. She knew how brash, bold & sassy I could be. She knew my secrets. She was my loyal friend who didn't always give me the pretty picture answer I wanted. She did not appease me.

She encouraged me to grow. She pushed me to be responsible for my actions. She showed me a loyalty that I had never really had.

She was one of the people who made it so I could be the single parent I was.

Through many years we were so wrapped up in each other's 'Best Friend' life we forgot to be our own person.

A couple of years after my daughter was born, just as I met my husband, we took some time off. There was no big fall out. There was no fight.

There were 2 young ladies trying to move into adulthood & having a need to move past the teen-selves.

It wasn't a long break between us, but enough for a few children & a couple of husbands.

It honestly was like slipping into your favorite shoes; easy, comfortable, & honest.

The only difference between us before & after was our maturity.

We had both grown.

We rekindled in time for her to go through having another child, & a cancer diagnosis.

I made sure she knew she had the support, & love that she needed. She made it through, and we lead on with our play-dates, coffee visits, cross-stitching parties & so much more.

As our children got older, it got more difficult to spend all the time we wished we could together. But the difference between the 1st break & the distance now , was at any time we could just text call when we needed each other.

Last year's Mid Life Mess for me was bad. I knew I needed someone to tell me what I needed & how to handle the chaos in my brain. I went to visit her.

She heard me, she listened to me, she KNOWS me.

She gave me the support & encouragement that I needed.

She could understand my tears, & fears.

She has known me so long that she can still see the scared teen that I once was.

She embraced me & told me it will be okay.

There is nothing better than a friend who knows you better than you know yourself.

I don't need many, cause I have the one.

She has been a part of my whole life & she will always love & support me.

I will always be a part of her life & love & support her.

Answer these questions:

Who is that one person, who was there for a brief moment?

Who is that one person, who was there & now has drifted in a different direction?

Who is that person who has always been there & you still have?

These people have all shaped my life, & created me to be a better person.

Know the people in your life in the past & the present that shaped you.

Thank them today for the way they shaped you.





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