Influence or Empower?

I thought it was time I chat about this.

I think there is a clear cut difference between the word Empower & the word Influence.

In the world today there are so many Influences. I think there is way more now than when I was younger. I didn't have to combat with multitudes of Social Media, or 900+ TV channels. The influences of my youth were Saturday morning cartoons, music & my friends. My childhood & teen years were far less influenced by the mass world that is out there today.

Now it is not the same as back then.

There are so many different means by which we are Influenced & told how to be.

Our poor kids are overwhelmed with the crazy Social Media's & YouTube's of the world. It is only understandable that they are on their phones all the time & are being told what to think by all the different avenues versus just their parents as I experienced.

There is make up, hair, clothing, rich life, politics, & so much more that dominates our worldviews now.

No encyclopedia of my youth would have the same effect on me. Haha NO WAY!

I do not disagree with the outlets per say as I use them myself. I think the tools in our evolved technology world are a great benefit if used properly without it telling us how to think or act.

All of what I mentioned before can also Empower you.

Instead of wanting to have what has been displayed for you to ‘buy’ or achieve. Try to make it your own spin. Use the world of Social Media to give you the push to try something new.

You can be prodded to create your own version of what you have just watched on YouTube or Pinterest. It can be empowering to see other people accomplish something you thought you couldn't do yourself.

All it is to be an inspiration to Empowerment.

For this blog of mine, I am not trying to Influence you.

I want you to feel Empowered through my journey.

You need to feel like you can.

You need to know you can succeed.

I had someone say recently 'Ah so you started this to become an Influencer'.

Nope friends, I do not!

Everyone has a story, but their journey is their own.

My story is no more unique or original than yours.

For so long I, as many others have just lived our lives with no regards for our happiness.

I want you to read these blogs & feel Empowered to make the changes to find your smile.

You do not need to live my life or mimic me.

You need to be you & feel your strength & own it.

I am not ever going to ask any of my readers to be like me. There is one of me & I am pretty sure we don't need another. I am however, going to ask you to feel strength through my blog to move towards your own personal goals.

If I place a product on my site or mention something that you should try, it isn't because you need to be influenced, it means that I am trying to get you to be Empowered & try it too.

If I buy a IKEA shelf that works for our home, it means it works for our home.It doesn't mean that it will work for yours. However, something at IKEA may work for your home.

If I make little Reno's, it isn't me telling you that you have to do the same. It means that I am telling you that YOU CAN DO THIS TOO! I want you to do it your own way. But believe that you can do it as well.


I have said this before.

You cannot be someone else, even me.

But you can BE YOU!

When you read these posts, realize that they are encouraging you to be epic, amazing, & originally YOU!

Feel the empowerment to create the best happy world for you to live in.

YOU can be whoever you want to be!

I am not trying to Influence you.

I am trying to Empower you!

You got the strength!

Go DO it!

Find your smile.





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