Losing Your Mind

There is really no joking matter when it comes to age & trying to complete your thought or even keep it.

Slowly as age has been creeping up on me I have noticed that I am not just as 'on the ball' as I used to be.

It isn't like I can't remember the kids names, or where I live. I got those no problem.

The issue is little things like:

Where is my phone?

Who sings this song?

Where did I see that?

What is the name of the TV show?

and on and on....

Sometimes it is just plain & simply annoying.

This is not severe, so keep this in mind. I am just not as fresh as I once was.

This is just simply an old age thing.

So here are my hacks to combat the lack of remembering.

I am all about lists!

I do up a grocery list every week around a meal plan.

First is the food I need for the meals.

Next is the food we need in the house.

Last is the food that is on sale in the flyer.

No issues remembering when I got the massive list with me.

Next list is the phone lists!

I have many of these.

One for things we always purchase in the States. We tend to always buy the same items & instead of remembering what those always are....the list. I do occasionally as things to the list, but I mostly start a new one for the 'one time' purchases.

One for coffee orders of friends over the years. If you likely in the last few years had a Starbucks coffee with me & I picked it up....then you are on this list.

I have another for books! These are books being released & or I have seen at the store that I am interested in reading.

I also have one here! This one is random stuff that I think I may want to write about, but knowing that I won't remember unless I have it written down somewhere.

LISTS work great.

Another thing I have been trying to do to spark my memory is playing my own version of Name that Tune.

I certainly have quite the epic playlist on iTunes & with setting it to random, I can guess the song & the artist. I would say that 90% of my songs on my list are from my downloads, some are from other family members, so I should know, right? But that isn't always the case. What surprises me the most is that I may still remember the words, but I do not always recall the song title or the singer. So if I am doing my own game....I have to actually cognitively think of the answers. My own game of your 'brain ain't going to get old' & I generally, I do this when I am alone on a long drive somewhere.

Lastly, the newest one to stimulate my memory is: Can you actually remember what each of your books is about?

This one has been more challenging as I read.... A LOT! So when I decided to clean up my Kobo books I realized that there are many books, I do not remember reading based on their title. There are over 400 books on my Kobo never mind what I have as physical books in my home. So from going over the books I realized that if I do not remember them (even if I have read them), I need to re-read these books. I already own them, so why not. However, the funniest part of all of this....I can tell you what books I did not LIKE!

These little memory hacks may not work for you, or they might.

Give it a try!

We all struggle with 'remembering' items or things to do....what are your tools to combat the old age from kicking in?

Everyone has some sort of life hack when it comes to remembering things....tell us!

They make work for us all.





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