Has anyone ever gotten you wrong?

Was there a moment where someone was way off point about who you are?

In the world today, the social media dominance we all just play into the happy moments or the moments of great achievements. I am a just as guilty as the next about what I post & how I want people to perceive my life on Facebook & Instagram.

I had a moment not to long ago in a conversation where someone thought I was from California. It was all derived from my Blogs & posts on Just Another Manic Funday. Although I loved the idea of it, this was a complete misconception. I personally would love to be living the life in Cali, but I am a frozen Arctic Canadian Gal.

Could it be my looks? Could it be my personality?

Of course, but we got them crazy tatted, pierced, sunny blondes in Canada too, & realistically it was a great moment to be thought of as Beach lady.

But let's get into the negative about the social media misconceptions.

For the last few years my life has been less than ideal. The mental war going on in my mind was the biggest contributor, & never once did I post anything related to the ugly war I was in.

Ugly is the key word in all of this.

Why do we not post the truth of our lives?

Life is Beautiful, but it is certainly Ugly too!

I fed into the misconception that life is always beautiful.

Now I want to change that.

People should see both sides of our lives!

I have had moments where everyone thought my life was amazing, but in reality when I was driving home from Volleyball on Monday nights these last few years, I was crying & took the long way home because I did not want to be there.

Or how I was beside myself with hate & frustration in doing menial tasks around the house. There was times of going out to do errands & finding extra things to buy or get just so I didn't have to go home.

Did you see it? Could you tell?



I led everyone down the happy path.

So moving forward, I challenge you to post the truth's!

Display the Ugly moments!

We are all human! We all can live a grand happy life.

Although I have moved forward & have begun to heal, this blog is all about the real me!

Not the person you think I am.

Common Misconceptions about me:

Being that I am outgoing; I like people around all the time: NOT TRUE! I enjoy my quiet time where I can write & enjoy a coffee.

I am fiercely confident: This one is also NOT TRUE! I am quite confident when it comes to certain decisions but I struggle as does everyone else, I just do not show it the same way.

I am a rich girl - Dollar Bills ya'll: NOT even a little bit TRUE! Although I have a very expensive palate, I actually buy most of my clothes second hand at high end consignment stores.

I am bold & have no fears: Oh I do have many fears! I am horrified of heights for example!

My feelings do not get hurt: NOT TRUE! This one, people think that because I am bold & confident, that I am some what absolved from hurt feelings. It may take a little bit more to hurt me than maybe some other people, but I do feel pain from others!

I am a California Girl: It isn't True now, but I WANT it to be!

So Community of Just Another Manic Funday.... post your Uglies!





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