Never Have I Ever

Let's play a game!

This is 100% my version of the game.

I am going to do these & then I want you to do at least one of them too.

Can you do it?

This may be the best way we can all get to know each other right now.

Post them in the comment page of each & then we can compare.


Never have I ever Shoplifted: I would love to say no, but when I was young & stupid, I did. I won't say what it was, but what I will say is that it was insignificant in life & truly would have been a waste if I had been caught.

Never have I ever Fainted: YUP! that stupid 'challenge' (before they were called that), where you hold your breath as long as you can. Did it as a teen & well the rest is history. Boom floor of the school & parents called. Dumb....dumb.

Never have I ever Hitchhiked: So to this one, I don't think I really hitchhiked, but maybe I kind of did. One night when I was 16, 2 of my friends & I snuck out of the house & hitched a ride with a guy in a red truck. Now we really didn't go anywhere except down the road, maybe 2km. But we did get into the bed of that truck & he likely hit close to 160km....we were laying down so I am sure that made it soooo much safer. LOL!

Never have I ever gone Surfing: This is the reason I actually can't stand salt water. A teen again & we were in Hawaii. While we were there, I tried surfing. However, at one point the board went from under my feet and smoked me in the head, which caused me to deep breathe in water, & whola I was DONE! No More surfing & no putting head under salt water.

Never have I ever been Electrocuted: I can say that I have not been electrocuted! I am very fortunate...I know lots of people who have done this & their stories are great. I hope maybe JB will share one of his cause I am sure he has a few.

Never have I ever had Stitches: This is a gooder! I used to brag to people that I had never had stitches & that I wasn't planning on experiencing it. Well here is the thing....don't brag. I was working & at this place we needed to use an exacto knife to cut these plastic containers. I had managed all shift to not do this 'chore' but of course it eventually became my turn and that knife slipped into my thumb knuckle like it was cutting butter....2 stitches later the bragging was done.

Never have I ever gone Vegan: Sorry folks, respect the people that are, but I am 100% a meat, egg, & cheese lover.

Never have I ever gone Hunting: This does not appeal to me even a little. I like eating the meat from deer, & elk, but I sure don't have any desire to kill anything I need to eat. SO NO! Now if there is a zombie apocalypse, I will adapt my ways & move forward with it. But until then, I don't want to attempt it.

Never have I ever Spied on my Neighbors: YES I HAVE! Although our neighbors over the years have changed, we did have one set of odd neighbors down the street, & we all were peeking out our windows at them often. I did not ever get the chance to ask them why or what they did what they did, but honestly I am sure they had their reasons....for me though it was like watching a good TV show!

Never have I ever Lied about my Age: Ummmm sooo if you know anything about me, you would know that 40 was a terrible year for me plus the 2 additional years that have followed. When I was in my early 20's... nope didn't lie, I really didn't have too. They always thought I was younger than I was. In my 30's well, it swung both ways, I was ID often & there were times I wasn't even considered too young. But now....I do like to let people believe what they usually guess. They assume that I am in my late 30's & I do not correct them. NOPE I do NOT! So basically lying!

You answer one now. Give us a story...either from one of these or another Never Have I Ever of your choosing.

Although we can't hang out & spend time with each other, what can we do? We can do something like this.

Come on people....something we can do together & learn a little from all of us.





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