New Year! New Resolutions! New Intentions!

Hello 2021!!

Sorry for the silence lately but this holiday season has all been about smiling & creating memories that were not dominated by the Pandemic world.

I have also been hard at work trying to recreate my website so another reason for the blog posts to delayed a smidge.

So let's jump into the 1st of the New Year.

Which one are you?


Or Intention?

In the years past I did quite a few Resolutions.

Not the typical ones that everybody does when it comes to working out & all that, but ones that I thought I could definitely commit to & continue on with.

One of these successful chosen resolutions & one I still continue with today is reading. I have always loved reading, & I am not sure where in my young adulthood did I stop reading. I just did not read as much as I did as a youth & once I had 3 small children under 6 it was like I didn't have time or the ability as it was shrouded in exhaustion. So when the kiddos were still young one of my resolutions for January was to start reading before bed. This one has morphed over the years. I can read a great book all day long now. I have killed 2 Kobo's from reading so much. These days the only issue is I cannot find the same book magic as I did all those years ago as there was plenty I had not read. But with all that, I have to say, I absolutely love to read & it truly was one of the best resolutions I ever did & stayed with.

I have tried many, many other resolutions.

Some were successful & some not so much.

But the last time I made a resolution & failed at it I decided I didn't like the personal let down from it. So from that point forward I only choose ones that I feel I can succeed at. Disappointment plays a big role in my life as I am sure it is with all of you too. So why do I have to feel upset or a failure if I don't accomplish what I have set out to do? You know what, I don't! I can make sure it is something that is a goal & I can make sure it is one I can do!

New year creates new hope & then I make an unrealistic goal & what??? Dash all that new hope! That to me seems like setting myself up for all sorts of bad.

So only realistic resolutions.

I am not going to lose 20lbs in one month.

I am not going to give up all my yummy fave foods.

So realism is it.

One resolution I tried was to think only kind thoughts about others even when they made me upset. The issue with this one is regardless of trying to make it a resolution it truly was an intention. I wanted to make my brain think in a different manner, & realistically it just cant be a resolution. How is it even when I am upset with the world or myself; how am I going to approach a natural reaction to life like anger or frustration in a different way? I still try to do this one everyday but it is a challenge to create a calmness & not reflect my true thoughts.

This is where I began to figure out that there is a clear division between a resolution & an intention.

Intention for me was to make me wiser as a person & a resolution is creating a difference in my world.

Let me explain a smidge.

I intend to be a better person to the world that surrounds me. I would like to treat people as I would like to be treated. Therefore it would be an intention. I want to be an amazing person & I want to reflect on my actions & thoughts.

For a resolution it would be something that made a difference in my personal world. I will use working out as an example here. Watching what I eat & going to the gym everyday is to only make me physically better. Although there are perks to everyone around me with this, it is at the end of the day for me. This is the same as above for reading. It truly isn't about my family or kids, it is only for me.

So this new year with all the new hope I have. I decided that it is time to create a resolution & an intention.

My intention is to Thank people.

Not just the people who hold the door for you in the store or the ones who let you go in front of them in a line. I want to Thank the people who helped me through my life & challenges. I want to make sure that those people know that they affected my life & that they have a special place in my heart. I cannot have made it through my journey on my own. I needed so many of you & loved ones that helped carry me there. Your 'Thank You' will be coming!

My resolution this year is to dance everyday!

Yes I said Dance.

Have you watched 'New Girl'? Well quick recap if you have not; the main character Jess basically sings & makes us songs throughout the show & after watching it I realize that I do the same with Dance. So friends there may be many random posts on my social; media with me just dancing. It makes me feel good, it makes me smile, it makes me laugh & boom it is the best resolution I can come up with.

What can you do that you know you can accomplish?

Be realistic! Make sure it is something you know you can achieve.

Do not try something that will only create a sense of failure upon yourself.

Resolutions vs Intentions.

Pick one or do both but succeed in what it is you want to do.

You can be who you want to be.

I am & that means anyone of you can too!

Here is the 1st Dance of the 2021 year, shortly after midnight & yes people there were some drinks involved.

Happy New Year Friends!





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