I am sure as you all have noticed the changes that happen to our bodies as we age.

Should we review?


Okay, so one thing that I have noticed being on the downside of the hill is my skin. I normally have incredibly dry skin & that hasn't really changed.

What has changed is that I have random moments of greasy that creates a once & a lifetime friend (pimples) in the most awful of places.

These are places I have never had before. For example they have harbored a new life in places like my back, or between my chest, or even on my neck.

Like come on.... these were over in my teens years, why do we have to do this all over again?

Another for the skin is the unnecessary baggy. I am currently wearing a plastic bag around my neck, never-mind the wrinkles across my nose, or the ass jowls that are starting to sag.

Like What The F**k?

Is that really needed?

In my youth, everything was nicely placed wear it was supposed to be & now it just has started to let go & sag. How does anyone function through life knowing that they are literally falling apart.

People often say that they embrace those features of laugh lines, sagging breasts & skin loose on their hands. I say "Good for them". But I do NOT want to take part in these aging gracefully. My idea of a perfect would be to look the same today as I did 5 years ago.

I have the option to have this all fixed medically, & to enhance what is falling apart.

Honestly, I am honest enough to admit I am shallow & if ever given the financial ability to do this;


40 knocked on my door like something fierce.

Another thing I did not expect was the hormone changes.

I have been a chronic cold person for years, however in this new age of 'older' I have begun to experience a whole new world of HOT!

In the middle of the night I feel like I am going to sweat myself into a swimming pool mattress. Or when I hit that point in my cycle, I have to go lie down on our hardwood floor naked & hope none of the fam in the house comes & sees their crazy mother/wife.

Or how I once strive to sit in the sun for hours & hours, now I seek out shade or water to cool me down as it is just too much.

This hormone thing is NOT ideal, & really what is the point?

Oh the answer to this is obvious: You must get old therefore you must suffer.

Okay, so skin & hormones are just 2 changes that 40+ has brought, should we do some more?


I love old bitties, in fact I think they are adorable, but I sure as SH*T do not want to be one.

Have you ever looked at their hair?

NOT all of them, but some of them look like a coarse kitchen scrub brush that should have been thrown out years ago.

The hair has gotten thin, & the only solution to it is to cut it short & curl it every few days.

I can tell you that this is not an option. (again SHALLOW).

So I have been doing all I can do to prevent this.

Biotin, No Heat, Hair Masks...... Let me tell you I will do everything in my power to NOT have a toilet brush as my hair.

There is so many more we could get into, droopy eye lids, saggy elbows, hanging skin, wings, brittle nails, weight gain, & more & more.

Hair, Skin & Hormones are my enemy these days. I truly do not like having to deal with these.


Which ones can you not handle?

How do you deal with them?






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