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Pet Peeves

We all got them.

The things that bother us to no end.

I have a friend whose Pet Peeve is when vehicles don't have their daytime running lights on. Come on people, they are handy for when stuck in bad weather, or just for other people to see you coming at night. I can justify this friend's peeve as it is annoying.

I got a few of my own too!

Just like my friend above, I have one for all the drivers out there.

It drives me absolutely bonkers that people don't use their signal lights. You know this isn't an option when you buy your vehicle? It actually comes with the car of your choice. So why is it, people just don't know how to flick the clicker for the direction they are about to take? I can not read minds (not yet anyways), but that person in front of me certainly does think I can. It takes 2 seconds out of your life.....USE YOUR SIGNAL LIGHT!

Another for me, & this is the one that I find irritable to no end.

I can't stand wet mats in the stores. When the warmer snow weather hits here in the Arctic North (Canada), there is a lot of snow that gets tracked into grocery stores, malls & other high traffic areas. Most of these businesses place mats in the front of the stores to allow people to clean off their footwear so they are not tracking in the wet. However, the mats defeat the purpose when they are soaked. Everyone still brings in the wet when the mat you walked on is sobbing like a wet mop. So when I come into a place where the mat is like a drenched face towel, I play hopscotch around it to get into the store. I get the purpose of these mats... I DO! But there is no purpose when they are not achieving the purpose they are placed there for.

So I HATE wet mats.

For one more.....

I have 3 children. I have lived through the screaming baby, to the tantrum filled toddler, to the pouting & crying preschooler X 3! It is different when you are living through it, & I understand that. But we were also those parents who scooped up our children & left when they were having a meltdown. I also have compassion for parents that are doing it on their own, & don't have the ability to handle them at that moment. But (and a big BUT) I will be super honest in saying that kids whining, & screaming at the top of their lungs sends me on the brink. I just can not handle it. Almost every time I turn to the person I am with & say 'OH MY GOSH! I am so glad that I don't have kids that age. I could NOT handle it.' It is almost like nails on a chalkboard & practically sends me on the brink of my own tantrum. Yes, I do acknowledge that I can be a Grandparent one day & Yes the Grand-kids will cry. Maybe if it is my own it will be different ....or maybe not & I never get to see them. This remains to be unseen as of yet.

Perk to social distancing.....not a lot of screaming children these days.

Con to social distancing, I think they are all saving it for the next time we can all shop together.

I know of many pet peeves, & some of them I get & understand. Some of them I do not!

Share a few of yours?

Give us some insight into the crazy's that set you off.





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