Rain, Rain, Go Away!

How do people live in a world where it always rains?

I am not sure about you all, but I don't have webbed feet.

I need the sun to grow.

I get that the rain is important for all the plants to grow!

I get that we need it!

But it 100% dictates my mood.

Grey = sad

Grey = sleepy

Grey = no motivation

And generally when it rains it = Grey.

How does anyone combat this?

When I was working these days even affected my ability to get anything done.

It truly is one of those sad, sad days where no one completes any given task.

Sun is something I LOVE!

Grateful everyday for the warmth on my face, & the cheer that comes with it.

We once many years ago went to California, & when we were there we met a lovely family from Los Angeles. They were shocked we were from Canada & asked why we would live somewhere so cold.

My reply was "My Favorite kind of weather days are when the air is so cold it hurts your face, but because the sun is so bright, your car is nice & toasty before you even start it."

They were shocked I could even enjoy that.

I know Calgary is one of those places where we get sun, something like 85% of our days. However, it is the 15% remainder that kills my happiness!

Yes, yes....the weather shouldn't be what my mood is built around. But in all honesty, IT IS!

Everyone has ways of coping through the rain, grey weather.

How do you do it?

How do you still find smiles in the grey?

Please tell me as I NEED a boost in something to make it through the rain days.

PS: Rain, Rain Go Away! Do NOT Come Back Another Day!





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