Royal Reception

This one post may set a few people off. However, I am here to give you my thoughts & love them or not these are just MY thoughts.

I have been the family Pretty Princess for years. I even joke around now that I have moved into the top spot of Queen & my daughter has taken the position of Princess. But like many I am not actually a Royal or close to being able to receive a curtsey. I just think I should be. I am funny; I know.

To actually start the point of all this.

I am Canadian born & bred & I am still a little bit of the old school mentality that The Queen is an important part of our country's heritage. I do think it is important to acknowledge the lineage of our country & to recognize the wrong doings also. It is a great benefit to belong to a greater body of countries that also share this belief with us Canadians. Therefore I do think that it is important to keep the Monarch a part of our great nation. But as I said this is only MY personal belief.

I also follow the Royal family with admiration on most social media platforms & read many articles (from reputable magazines only). I am not one of those that know everything or even spend day to day with the in's & out's of the Royal's. I did get up at 1:30am to watch William & Kate get married. I did not do the same though for Meghan & Harry's wedding. Two reasons I didn't with their wedding versus W&K's. One was that I had the ability to PVR M&H's wedding & Two was that we were camping as they got married on May Long Weekend. I do not however go above & beyond in an obsessive behavior when it comes to all things Royal. I am very confident in saying I do not know the Queen’s pup’s names or I may have to Google farther down the line family members as again, I would not necessarily know who they are.

I have friends that are far more into the details of the Royals life than I am & for them this is what brings them happiness, for me though I am a dabbler. Like I said I am interested to a degree but not passionate.

That all brings me to the interview that everyone is talking about.

I did not watch Sunday evening like everyone else in North America did. I recorded it & watched it the next day. I feel like this gave me a little bit of a broader perspective as I had already seen the little clips & read the comments about the interview. (FYI: I am not that person that can ignore reading an article online even if I want to wait for the TV show or book. I am all about the more I know.) I understand that everyone has an opinion or thoughts about the whole situation with M&H. I do also have thoughts on the interview & the aftermath that followed. Let me start with: we all have to respect each other's voices when we talk about these types of media moments or any for that matter.

Prior to watching the Interview with Oprah, I was fully 100% 'Team Monarch'. I am not going to lie here. I along with many others were not keen on M&H. But after watching & listening to the interview I have moved to 'Team I Can Never Imagine'. Sitting there talking about their plight & turmoil they faced along with all the post comments I realize I had no idea & could never imagine.

Let me explain.

When you are mad & someone tells you that is not how you feel; it creates a moment where you are more upset cause if anyone knows how you feel it is you! Do not take my emotions away from me. M&H have expressed their feelings, frustrations & because of this some media & points of view are trying to diminish their feelings. They are entitled just as you & I are to how they feel, & felt.

There are very few people in this world who can understand or have compassion for the life that the Royals live. I am not one of them. I am just a gal in Calgary writing a blog & I will not nor will I ever have the ability to understand what any individual in that situation would feel, act or live. Therefore I will not partake in judgement.

Who am I or anyone for that matter be the person to say that M did not face mental health challenges?

Who are we to say that they were not justified in their fears or feelings?

We are just people who have our own struggles & we do not live their lives.

I would like to believe that I am a logical person. But sometimes the logic is just not there or I just never thought about it beyond my own scope. There have been a few of my blogs about the realism of social media. Always the happy moments & never the difficulties of trying to find your smile. We should all own our sad moments too. I have no idea why I did not apply this to K&W or M&H. I have only seen them happy! That was a profound moment for me in the interview. The Royals always look great, they always smile, & they always look like they are enjoying life. Reality...they are human too. So even though they glow with admiration of I wish I could be it can't always be the reality. I again have no idea why logically I never applied that to the Royals. I ran with what I perceived their life to be & made that perception everything.

The interview was definitely one that made me think outside of my own thought process & because of my own personal struggles I can tell you that I will not take anything away from Meghan & Harry. They are people just like me, you & they deserve the same respect when it comes to how they feel & have experienced their world.

We are all a community that live life. No exception!

We are in no position to say if this interview details were not true.

This is their truth.

I cannot nor will I ever be able to put myself in their world. As I am sure they cannot imagine living my (quite mundane) life. I am still a believer of the Monarch & what it stands for, but I am also a strong advocate of change & growth. I want to give faith to the Monarchy so they can change for the better & heal olds wounds. We have seen them adapt before & I hope for them to do so again.

I also have tweaked my thoughts & view on M&H. I will admit here that I gave them an unfair perspective for the last 4 years. I wouldn't say that they were labelled my bad guys in the Royal family, but I did give them a few head-shakes mostly from not understanding what they were doing or why they were doing it. Although now thinking back they had no reason to explain anything to me or the world. They know their own reality.

I recognize now that I have done this previously with certain acclaimed individuals. When in all reality, they live their lives with the same ups & downs as any other individual regardless of stature.

For M&H & Oprah:

Thank you for teaching me something I wasn't aware I was doing.

And I am sorry that I ever did it to begin with.

Open Mind; Open Heart.

My final thoughts!

Your whole life makes you the person you are. The lessons you learn along the way make you wiser & each & everyone of us are justified in our thoughts, our feelings & our version of our story.

Take a moment & realize we are all people built the same in mental struggles, insecurities & most of all love.

Ps: Thanks Snapchat for making me a Queen. Even if it is only for a picture!





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