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Seclusion #1

Here is a start of something a smidge different.

The world has all changed & I think the key to the solution of it all is having fun & doing things that you wouldn't normally do.

I am going a little stir crazy myself, but looking online I found that the posts of what to do in isolation is all the same.

Board games, movie nights, drinking wine, read a book & on & on.

These are things we do in our everyday life.

Or at least we do here at our house.

There is also the online unattainable list too.

For example: sit in the sun, paint your fence, do gardening.

The problem with those suggestions is that we live in Canada & it still has been snowing with a bitter cold at times. So these are a little unrealistic for us.

But I did some thinking & came up with my own list.

Now this one is interactive also....soooo.....

Send me your unique idea via video with a little write up & let's make a crazy list, together. Send them to & the more the merrier. I will be posting some of your seclusion videos too.

Starting with something simple that I haven't done in years.

A Headstand.

So here we go.





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