Seclusion #10 - Changes

Today is a fantastic fall day.

The weather is warm, the leaves are changing color (even though it all yellows & browns) & the sun is shining bright.

I sat outside for a few minutes, drinking my coffee & looking at our flower bed & tree this morning. The flowers have died & or melted away, & our tree leaves are starting to look less vibrant green.

It dawned on me while I sat there that I have been doing this same thing since the Spring.

I also then sat outside with the sun shining on my face, watching my tree & flowers bloom.

I do not ever remember paying so much attention to the outside world as much as I have these last 6 months. Their blooming growth & now their slow dissolution.

Maybe that is the lesson I had to learn this year; 2020.

I needed to take time to acknowledge the world around me.

I have spent tons of time running around in & out of the house over the years.

I have been so busy that my head was spinning.

I never paid any attention.

This year though, I have had no choice but to sit around & appreciate.

That is what I think this is all about.

Not the shut down of the economy.

Not the things we used to do that we couldn't for a while.

Not the time with friends & family that we were missing.

It is about what I didn't see for the longest time.

It is about taking the time to smell the roses.

Realizing there is far more in life than the day to day grind we get caught up in.

I failed at taking the time to see what I haven't seen before.

I can finally say that I have begun to appreciate the beauty in the world. For the 1st time in 17+ years I have actively been a part of the beauty of my home, my family & the world.

There is a life lesson in everything, & I feel this is no different.

The changes do not stop there.

I can even see the changes in my children this year.

My daughter has become an adult with her own thoughts & own opinions. She had grown into this gorgeous young lady.

My oldest son has become this responsible teen, making plans for his future & working his little butt off.

And my youngest son has finally put on some weight (challenge with him) & has become a compassionate young man.

I can honestly say that this year I have really taken the time to realize the growth in them.

Busy takes away from the world around you & doing so much that you do not ever see the shift in life is a way to miss out in the one chance to live.

I am not saying that I enjoy Covid or the Pandemic, what I am saying is that there is something to be taught from all of this.

When life is slower, you see more.

Open your eyes & see the changes around you that happened.

My eyes are now seeing more beauty & disparity than ever.

Open your eyes & see!




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