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Seclusion #2

Another day.... another item for the unconventional list of items for seclusion.

I absolutely adore Candace Cameron Bure.

Maybe it is because we are the same age?

Maybe it is because we grew up together? (although she did hers on TV & well I just did in Calgary).

But I find her amazingly inspirational on many different levels.

She has no issues wearing her faith on her sleeve for everyone to see.

She is honest with her struggles, who she is & her peace.

Candace is where this next adventure for this blog was found.

But she is not the driving force behind it.

The force is Amy Purdy, do you know who she is?

Now if you do not know about Amy Purdy, I strongly recommend you Google her & listen to some of her interviews & or read her book.

She like Candace has this magical air about her.

Her journey is remarkable.

It is someone who touches everyone's life in a little magical way.

I watched & did some research on this influential lady.

And in all that I read & listened to, I found that she has even impacted my life with her journey.

With people who move you spiritually are also those who create you to try knew things.

So I am trying something new!

I have always been one of those people who has to leave the house in the best I could be. Hair, makeup, dressed a certain way. But with changing times, comes time to change.

One of the amazing posts Amy has on Instagram is what she calls Quarantine Curls.

Now after seeing Candace & Amy's hair, I figured I had nothing to loose but to give it a try.

And WOW, did it work. I love it!

It is low key, easy to do & most of all....this is the most volume my hair has ever had.

Just one moment online, created a world of freedom I didn't know existed.

This is my quarantine curls.

I will let you find Amy & for you to read the 'how to' get the curls. It isn't my story to tell.

What I will say though, beyond the curls I found someone who creates a little more strength & faith in me by their own journey.

Thanks Candace for always sharing your life & journey.

And Thank You Amy for being an exceptionally strong lady.

Anyone can find something that is out of their box & try it.

You should always create new adventures!

Always create a new you!



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