Seclusion #3


But what do you do when you can't leave the house.... maybe try something you haven't done before like baking?

So therefore it becomes: Seclusion #3

Okay I gave in.

I despise baking & or basically anything I have to make in the kitchen. However, most of what is baked I like to eat. So I either do it....or I don't! Not anyone in this family would attempt to bake. So it is all left up to me!

I did attempt to create some yummy goodness.

I choose to bake! UGH!

First I made low calorie Banana Bread, Per 28grams is only 95 calories.

So, it doesn't make me feel nearly as bad eating it.

Making it was interesting!

I had no reference point, & being that I haven't done this before.

I had no idea what it was supposed to look like?

And if I am being super honest, I don't even know what ripe bananas are.

I just used the random frozen bananas we had.

Are those called ripe bananas?

Was the batter supposed to be so clumpy?

I had no idea..... NO IDEA!

Either way, I made it!

It WORKED & it tasted really good.

Who knew I could even achieve that.

I accomplished that & an added bonus is that I do not have to worry about the weight gained from the guilt of eating it.


I decided to try Pumpkin Spice Cookies. This is 16 calories per cookie.

Super Duper Easy Peasy Recipe.

Basically it is a can of pumpkin & spice cake mix.

To figure out the calorie per cookie all depends on how many cookies you make.

I got 24 out of our batch, & they were a little on the larger side.

Please note.....I hated making them, but I sure loved eating these.

They were sinfully delicious & was meeting my veggie intake for the day (which is a good way to combat quarantine 19). This issue with this though is that they were all gone in one day & only from 3 out of 5 of us. This one I will likely make again as it is so simple & the time commitment is minimal.

Next up is the Easy Apple Bites.

This one is not as good for you, but in all honesty one is more than enough.

These apple bites are about 153cal per serving. (one piece)

Apple, spices & good old Pillsbury croissant wraps.

Making this one took more time, to cut the apples and spice each & every croissant. AKA: I needed to commit to making them & it had to come from deep in my motivation box.....took me a few days to talk myself into it.

Made, smelled amazing & tasty.

I guess it was worth it. They all got eaten.

Except, I won't be making them again any time soon as this was too much time. Again if you haven't already figured it out....HATE baking.

The kitchen is not my place.

I could list 100 other places I would rather be than making food. If ever I could afford someone to come & make food for me, I would easily commit to that relationship. My favorite food is anything I do not have to make myself.

Maybe when the kids are gone, I won't have to make as much. It truly is one of those things that just isn't me.

I will try a few more recipes eventually, but I do not think this is a lifelong new love. It still truly isn't.

If you want to know how or the recipes for each of these. Message me or comment, & I will make sure you get them.

Loves to eat, hate to bake. My new Moto




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